Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why Am I Still Single?

Wow! Look at how many fans! I have been somewhat busy recently and haven’t had the motivation to write. Many of the new readers may not know who I am. Let me re-introduce myself. They call me "The Man", I am a thirty something, self-employed, some say cute, single guy who is out in the crazy dating world. I am very honest and sometimes write things that should never be talked about.... but you can say I am the type of person who says it like it is, doesn’t really care to be fake, or sugar coat things.
I was once writing frequently and somewhat hooked on telling others about my crazy dates. Recently I have been slapped with the reality of me being single still. Why am I single? I ask myself sometimes "does everyone else lower their standards and just give up?", "Have they truly found the one person they can have sex with the rest of their lives?", "Maybe they are just tired of being lonely", or is the issue just me? Well, some may say I'm too picky (not true)...But has the reality of me living by my own rules for so long tend to push them away? Maybe I am just a challenge that after conquered the thrill is gone (hahahhahhaa, if you knew me you would know I could keep it exciting ALWAYS), But as I wake up alone, I often wonder if I passed up my "good years". I will always be open to change, as long as it is a two way street. In the past year I have been on hundreds of dates, many lasting a few weeks/ months, some lasting a few nights, and yet others just a meet & greet. I guess, as we grow older we know what we want, what we don't, and what we could overlook. I am not close minded in any way, read some previous posts by me and you will see, I will try anything once...sometimes twice.
Many of you read because you share the same stories, I would have to say that I may be the crazy one on here when it comes to the things I’ve tried. You never know what you've been missing unless you've tried it. At times I do the things I do because I can. I could never sit back and wonder "what if"...
Where have I been recently? I’ve been around, having private issues and don't really care to share. What have I been doing? Normal everyday life (work, bills, etc.) Do I have any juicy stories? Of course I do!! That's me! Let me tell you about the last few weeks.
Here goes.... I get a phone call for an estimate, I show up, the woman is cute and a little flirty...I don’t ever cross the line, but I didn't have plans that night. The estimate went well, I got the deposit and then..."I was wondering what you are doing tonight,” she says. Ohh boy, should I? Hmmmmm..........well I say "Just watching a movie at my house". She then asks " would you want company?" sure I said.... I head home, plug in the new air fresheners, light some candles, set the lights, and do some last minute organizing. YUP!! And you know how the rest of the story goes.... Anyone who tells you they would come to your house after just meeting them, especially after 10pm, you're going to get some!
Then there was the girl from the dating site.... We meet, play pool, have some drinks, and she wants me to spend the night... after those two failed for relationship material, there was a text by a number I had never seen. "You better come and see me this week, it's my B-Day" I text back and realize it was someone I had spoken to a long time ago. She then tells me about a small vacation she had planned for the weekend and asks, " Would you like to come?" well...why the hell not! I'm single, no plans, and it sounded fun. I packed my bags and was off.... driving three hours away for someone I had never seen in person, and was going to spend the weekend with. Hahahaha...I'm nuts! But screw it! We met, had a great weekend, and will share that great weekends memory forever. So many of you would never take the risks I would.... and why? The better question is why not?
There are very few unanswered questions in my life.... Except "why am I single?" maybe I am the "fun guy" Yup! I sure am fun!! Maybe I really shouldn't worry about the single thing too much. I'm sure there are guys/girls out there who are in failed relationships just wishing they had half the fun. It is "fun" but it's a lonely life...I eat alone, sleep alone, talk to mostly only women, and have very few male friends. I once saw the quote "You don’t know what you lost til it's gone...but it's also true, you don’t know what you've been missing til it arrives." Don’t sit back there and be unhappy...change it!
The Man

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