Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Evolution

I'm incredibly overwhelmed with the volume of text to re read and deal with. Not to mention the fact that the past, be it just a few weeks ago or a couple months, should be forgotten. The more I read from our beginning entries the more I remember about the person I once was. Much of which I can't believe I wrote, because it no longer is how I feel.
Now I know why Kate dropped the ball on editing and tweaking this week. Procrastination due to hot weather, frozen daiquiris and gorgeous people watching. At least that's what a little birdie told me. Sleepover in the Lion's Den next time. I hear they have a fabulous Sunday brunch. What will our alias name be?
Over the next few weeks you may notice minor spelling and grammar changes to the archived posts. We had thought about tweaking the blogs on here, but then figured we shouldn't disturb the open diary time capsule. It is thanks to our honest emotion and true feelings in the past entries that have gotten us into the present.
Love Bites is growing up and refining its tastes. We have started yet another blog, follow the evolution and the permanent reminder of a life once lived @ http://sublimehappinessofaguardedheart.blogspot.com. Unlike this blog, the intention of Sublime Happiness of a Guarded Heart is to work on transforming the past and present into a paper reality. Hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do writing it.
You will notice that most of the posts we will be adding in the beginning will be similar to many of the original entries on Love Bites. As we continue to write the book, we find ourselves going back to the beginning and using the initial pain to create the foundation for the characters of the Love Bites saga.
As the new blog evolves and as the past and present becomes a paper reality, what is truth and what is fiction will become harder to tell. We hope to be able to marry the real world with a pinch of fantasy.
If you are new to both blogs, don't worry you will quickly find yourself up to speed and easily addicted to our sarcastic spunk and unique outlook on life.
Please continue to follow Love Bites, as we will still be exposing our daily lives and witty thoughts here everyday.
Thanks so much for all the support.

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