Sunday, July 11, 2010

What Is Your Type?

Managed to crawl into bed at 2 am this 3 am my phone started making this annoying moan that I had not heard for awhile. The people that I hardly talk to or don't really want to talk to are assigned my most annoying ring tones. I think of it as my fire alarm. Sure enough it went off at 3 am on the dot.

"Hello!!" (In a very confused tone)
" are you?"
"Hey is for horses and cows too, who is this?"...(usually I am more sarcastic when I just get up)
"It’s Lisa (ex-wife) don't recognize my voice?"
"What’s going on?"
"Just called to say hello..."
"R u sleeping?"
"Was 30 seconds ago, but now I am wide awake...the world better be ending... How can I be of assistance in your obvious time of need?"
"I'll call you back another time..."
"Are you serious? What do you want?"

I will spare you the rest of the back and forth, the gist of the story is that she saw someone looking like me in a restaurant a little while ago sitting with a woman. Ha!!!!!!...Isn’t life a bitch? SP was described as "A very attractive, well dressed, sophisticated woman." This shit I cannot make up people! She went on further to ask me if that was a new business partner. I had alluded to Lisa in a prior conversation that I had some potential business partner meetings in New York, for my possible new venture. A little offended, my next question was "Why couldn't she be my significant other?"...Response. "She doesn't really seem like your type". Ok so now she knows my type. "Ok I'll bite... What is my type?" Lisa goes on to describe my type as pretty much a homemaker from the Midwest, why did she believe this?
Well before we got divorced, in our last counseling session, I mentioned that I wanted someone that will be willing to have kids. At this point being agitated with no caffeine in my system, I pointed out that I had actually flown to New York solely to meet up with SP, whom is very much my type. Upon hearing this the conversation abruptly ended.
Seriously? Not my type? What is my type? Reality check readers, if you have a type all you are doing is limiting yourself. I am not suggesting taking whatever comes along, but if all you eat is Chinese food, then you can never appreciate good food. (By the way there is nothing wrong with Chinese food.) When you look back at your life, do you really want to be labeled as the guy that dated only that type of person. For me, it means that you have limited your growth in life. How do you grow as a person if you interact with the same type of person? You will never undertake new adventures, experience new cultures, you will never be forced to think and look at life from a different perspective. Never!!!!!
But, I do have a connection to SP. We are similar in so many ways and different in so many more. It is those differences that intrigue me; it is that lack of knowledge I have that I am yearning for, that she will give me. It is wanting to share her experiences, experiences that are foreign to me right now. It is her diversity, her confidence and many times her indifference that is exciting. I do not have a type, but I know when I look in SP eyes, I have a connection.
Devils Advocate

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