Saturday, July 10, 2010

Relationship Desert

The women are gorgeous and one might say exotic. So then what is the problem? The major reason is that I travel constantly for work and the majority of the women here want to remain here. Which I respect, but I'm also looking for someone is well travelled, who hasn't lived here their entire life. Someone who isn't afraid of getting dirty and taking risks. I've gotten where I am today because I'm a daredevil or for the ladies, I'm Richard Gere in Pretty Woman (minus the Julia Roberts bit). I build, buy, flip and sell properties and businesses.
Up until the day I met Summer I haven't been on a date in eighteen months. I have chosen not to pursue a relationship, not because I didn't want to get a step closer to the fabulous girl, kids and white picket fence, but because the choices were limited and unexciting. Plus, I had run down this road before and hit a dead end.
But, there was something different about Summer and I knew it immediately. Most men are afraid of telling women how they feel. We aren't nearly as complicated as it seems. We think similar thoughts, want similar things from a relationship, yes sex is always a priority, but it's not the only thing circulating in our mind. There are lots of JSRs in the world, but there are also lots of "bad boy" gentlemen.
My last date took me miles from home, for a weekend of just good fun. Why then couldn't I stop thinking about her? Why was caressing her body as she slept permanently locked in my memory? (My not so subtle way of saying we have slept together. I hope I don't get a beating for saying this. On second thought that might be kinda kinky.) Why was the sweet taste of her constantly in my mouth? Why when my day goes to shit, I remember her fabulous smile and gorgeous eyes? Why do I long so badly to embrace her again?
Have I been in this desert too long? Or was this sip of water what I was waiting so long for? Summer is here, and I'm even thirster now... (Seriously, this shit works)
Devils Advocate

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