Friday, July 9, 2010

I Do...Why The Hell Did I?

Why did I get married? Was it the thing to do? I am an over-achiever; at a very young age I had reached my goals and were setting more. I was a Natural Science nerd; by eighteen I was a certified Architectural Draughtsman working on multimillion-dollar projects, yet I was still bored. By twenty-one I had a Bachelor in science and software engineering with a double major in math and a minor in physics. Why not do another degree? And so I did. Four years later I was an "Executive" in a prominent corporation, guess all I needed now was a wife and a few little devils, commonly referred to as children to bleed my bank accounts dry and carry on my name and DNA, right? Wrong!!!!!
Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with nuptial bliss, but it's not for everyone. Why did it end? Many reasons, maybe we grew apart, maybe because she didn't want kids after all. Maybe no one told me that after marriage, the sex ends.
Men are always accused of liking the chase, once they have captured their prey; they get bored and discard it. Well, are women like that in marriage? Do they "take one for the team" to get that golden band? Why after marriage does it all disappear? The tiny dresses, the lacy lingerie, the wake me up morning sex, the afternoon delight sex, the sex just because we can have sex?
Was it only the sex? No, it wasn't only the sex. I honestly believe you should work hard and play harder. I remember for an entire year, I would say..."We got a weekend off together, let's take a plane and fly somewhere for the weekend," and thus began the excuses.
But please, my intention is not to portray my ex as a bad person. My question is why does it suddenly change? Why is lacy lingerie traded in for sweat pants? Why do we go from shopping at Gucci to the Gap? Why do we go from having sex in every spot of the house to "Babe I'm really tired"?
I am not completely opposed to marriage, but can you guarantee me that our sex will intensify? That we will continue to see the lust in each other's eyes? Can you guarantee me that we will go on last minute trips just because and that you will make out with me like I am the pool boy and you husband is out of town? If no, then please move along, because there is nothing to see here!!!!
Devils Advocate formerly McDreamy
(Seemed to be a popular fan, perhaps the good vibes will follow me)

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