Monday, July 26, 2010

Risky Bullshit

There are two different types of con men. There are the ones like M (aka JSR) who pretend to live the dream by showing off their success with an entry-level European car, a flashy wardrobe and a vocabulary that impresses and attracts the ladies. When in reality this is all a facade of a life that will never be obtainable. The other con man is the guy who wants you to believe in him, who needs your approval and will do almost anything to win your trust and love. They are smooth talkers and you really want to believe their words. But, when the dream they talk about one day living in given to them on a silver spoon they chicken out and call the opportunity too risky.
Don't pretend to be someone you will never be. Don't talk the talk; your words are no longer truthful. You want me to believe you have higher goals than working for the man until you retire yet when the "dream" is brought to the table you don't even give it a real thought. Just tell the truth, you have no balls.
I figured you wouldn't take the offer, but a part of me really wanted to believe that maybe you had changed, that maybe you were ready to jump. You never were and you never will be and that's okay, some people just don't have the guts or desire to gamble with their lives. The comfort of the daily grind to some is addictive.
You remember the other day when you joked how you hoped you didn't piss me off and end up as the subject of one of my blogs, well all my loving feelings for you are gone. Sorry dude (yea I know you hate being referred to by this name) in just a matter of hours all my love and remorse for the past is forever gone. You never changed, but I have. How after not speaking for years, in just a matter of minutes you assume so matter of fact that you know everything about me. I naively assumed you were grown up enough to understand my words. Clearly, I was very wrong. I apology if I hurt your feelings by not wanting to go out to dinner with you (I got the hint after the third offer) and killing you secret plan to get me drunk in hopes that I would sleep with you. I apology for blindsiding you with my marital status, I didn't realize you weren't emotional capable of hearing my words. The reality is you don't have a clue about my life and instead you jumped to conclusions by saying I was bailing and following a pipe dream. Far from it. I'm creating the dream. I'm chasing the unknown and most importantly I'm taking a risk, a massive gamble and maybe it won't end happily ever after, but then again I've never been one to draw within the lines.
I wish you good luck. I'm off to live the pipe dream. You didn't really think you were the end all be all did you? Funny how the perfect plan is the one I had thought of a long time ago, but instead of following my gut I gave an old friend a chance at the dream. Second chances don't come around for thirds. Have a good one B.
So laugh at my words, think I'm nuts (which I am, you have to be to jump from the cushy corporate ladder). To bad you didn't hear my words or understand what I was saying. Sell out? Hardly my friend, selling would mean I have failed and given up. When in reality I have succeed and created a business that I can now walk away from and never have to work again. Unfortunately you never understood my words to begin with and now I remember why you are an ex.
Life is what you decide to make out of what you got, so use some imagination!

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