Saturday, February 16, 2013

Burger Well Done

I’ve debated whether or not to talk about my recent ex, but since we are never ever getting back together, he’s fair game now. As relationships go, this one was a relatively short one, six months of happiness or so I thought.

We were never right for one another and although there were plenty of warning signs I stupidly hoped that his quirks would grow on me. He had so many great characteristics that are so rare to find in a man or at least the ones I've dated. He was very loving, caring, supportive and affectionate, but he was also very judgmental, stubborn, a super picky eater and ultimately a jackass.

He was very stuck in his ways. Almost forty, he had never been married or engaged, he was afraid of commitment (red flag), thought that having children was selfish, thought that going out for drinks or food during the week was abnormal and he only ate burgers well done, Margarita pizza or well done chicken. Which even if you aren’t a huge foodie like me still makes dining out anywhere decent nearly impossible.

I had originally nicknamed him “Rainman” because without fail his schedule every day was so predictable. But, since I was dumped via text he’s become Berger from the Sex and the City. Although I still think being dumped on a post-it is probably worst than in a texting conversation that started with him saying, “We need to talk” and my response being “What are you dumped me?” which was followed by him saying “Yea, pretty much.” When I returned to his place, after just being there an hour before and everything seemed normal, he had already started to pack up my belongings. So considerate of him :o

I shouldn’t have been so upset given our differences, but I had gotten so use to him being around and our weekend routine. We were basically living together and just a few weeks before he had asked me to officially move in with him. But, I knew the honeymoon phrase would end eventually and I was super creeped out that his apartment was decorated with items left behind from his exes. All I could think was one day I was going to be another ghost which is mainly why I was afraid if I did move in with him I would be thrown to the curb when we broke up like the others, which is exactly what happened.

So, I guess the point of this story is never get to comfortable in a relationship, never move in with someone before at least a year together, never compromise who you are to be with someone (they obviously aren’t the right one) and never dump someone via text and be offended when they call you an asshole, because you are.


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