Monday, July 5, 2010

Hope Floats

Evolution is necessary and change must occur.
If you were given a glimpse at a different life, but knew that the challenges and destruction in the wake of living the new dream would be painful do you still risk it all for the chance of happiness?
It often seems like the point of getting married is soley to settle down and grow old. Why is it that after a couple exchanges vows they lose sight of who they were pre wedding day? Has society given the Old Maid a bad rap? Is the image of waking up in an empty house or as a single parent and growing old alone really that bad a picture?
Once you get your prince charming or Cinderella why does the sex and sex appeal die? Are you so confident that you have found "the one" that you let the physical attractive and chemistry that was initially what got you your catch in the first place terminate? Was the hunt for Mr. Right merely an act and now the show is permanently closed? Life’s daily desires and children may temporarily hinder the lust and while sweats and T-shirts are way more comfortable than heels and a cleavage baring top it's the attempt to maintain the lust and spice that has the ability to make or break a relationship.
While sex is not the only component of a relationship it is the lack of that all to often will turn a once devoted partner into a liar and cheater, regardless of if there are children involved.
I can't say I don't completely fear the unknown. But, I won't let the new frontier hold me back. The evolution will not happen overnight. It may not even happen in the next year, but the fear of waking up one day and still being in the same place surrounded by the same people is the biggest motivation to make a change.
The path can't be planned. As with most of life nothing goes as expected. I can only steer myself in the direction of happiness. Which for many reasons is why I continue to write. It has become my saving grace in an ocean of prey.
Of course getting to the opposite side of the rainbow will not be pleasant, but one can only hope that the journey will be well worth the pain.

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