Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mislabeled Icon

Unknowingly my last blog about Mr. Big confused a number of readers. I had forgotten that back at the start of this blog I had originally called M, Mr. Big and now I'm praising the Chris Noths of the world.
The name "Mr. Big" has come to have two very different meanings for me. There is the Mr. Big from the iconic Sex and the City series with the commitment issues, rude and emotionless love hate relationship with Carrie that span over a decade. There were memorable fights, broken promises, an affair, yet ironically in the end Carrie and Big end up together and just like most other married couples after the chase is over they become old and boring. Mr. Big had lots of guts, even if it took him forever to figure out what he wanted. I suppose I once referred to M as Mr. Big solely because of his jackass tendencies, M never had class, balls or guts. I want to make this very clear nor did he drive around in a town car with a driver.
The other type of Mr. Big is a prince charming (if I believed in this Disney label). He is a corporate executive, has lots of class, and is a risk taker yet at the same time super romantic. If you ever get lucky enough to come across this man play for keeps.
I have a feeling I have made the whole Mr. Big label way more confusing than it was ever meant to be. Here's a thought, forget about Mr. Big in the traditional Sex and the City role and forget I ever called M, Mr. Big, as he is not and never will be as smooth or sophisticated as the HBO version. As for me, I am Carrie with a dash of Samantha.
SP is on weekend writing duty. I'll be back on Monday, have a good one y'all.

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