Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mission Accomplished

The last couple days have flown by. I’ve been busy relaxing and enjoying the hot weather and endless nights here in Miami. The daily grind will soon be calling me back to reality, but for right now I’m soaking up every minute of the techno pool party.
To say I’ve had a blast is an understatement. Every day has been more surreal than the next. I am living the fantasy and I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s for real. Just like everything in my life these days, nothing is normal. I don’t go by the rules, I don’t follow the flow and I make the rules. If I stand out from the crowd than I have accomplished my goal. Even right now as I’m typing away on my laptop, I’m sitting at the DJ’s booth poolside, surrounded by some of the most beautiful people. The rain has begun again, yet the high school musical accompanied by cocktails remains in full swing.
Last night was no exception. In therapy I think it’s called confronting the demons. I don’t believe there is a set date and time that is more appropriate. For me it took nine months to walk into the lion’s den. Some will never understand why I needed to face M in person or what that moment of walking into the lion’s den and enjoying a drink at the bar with friends meant. But, for me it said it all. Just the fact that I was able to not only confront my fear, but also have a blast was more than I could have hoped for.
To add to the memories, there was a lovely and hilarious conversation with a drunken bridal party. When we arrived the six ladies were finishing off the first of two bottles of champagne. The Man and his new best friend, the gracious and witty Indian bartender, were in charge of taking pictures of the lovely ladies in the water fountain. There was a moment of peer pressure in an attempt to get The Man an invite to the wedding, but as he later said he was cock blocked by the bride to be when he started to have a conversation with one of the clearly intoxicated bridesmaids.
The wheels are in motion and I can only guess where this renewed zest for life will take me now. By the way, the Ritz in Coconut Grove has a fabulous deal on massages, eighty minutes for ninety-nine dollars. Thanks so much for the heads up H.

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