Friday, July 9, 2010

McDreamy Speaks...Can I Change This Name?

I was a bit intimidated at first with the scope and content of this blog. I am not a writer by any stretch of the imagination. This is just an outlet for me to put my thoughts in writing. Maybe it will bore you, but it won't bore me, remember this is about me not you.
I'm a successful, formerly single, divorced, middle-aged man (Yeap I fit in that age range). Looking for the next challenge, the next goal to achieve. Wait a minute...that sounds like a profile for a dating site. Matt Damon lookalike I wish, but I'm very flattered.
I've never seen the show Grey's Anatomy, but I've been told there is a character nicknamed McDreamy. Which is cute and all and I'm sure he is a big fan of the ladies and probably slept with at least half of the female nurses. I've seen Meet the Fockers and I respect all the Ben Stiller nurses in the world, but I'm not McDreamy. With that said I would like to change my name. To what I'm not sure, but something not so cute. Sorry babe, but it's just not me.
I'm not trying to be a fourth wheel here. The Man has his view on life, women and relationships and for the most part I agree with what he has written. What's the harm in adding another male opinion to the Love Bites arena? Now the score is even, two brutally honest and might I add gorgeous women (Yes, I'm going for brownie points) and two equally as witty and handsome men.
Does everyone really aspire to be a playa? Do we really want to acquire as many notches as we can on our headboard? Do we really want to suck on the nectar of as many fruits as we can? I beg to differ; I think all of us want to settle down in some form or the other. Who doesn't want that connection? The comfort of knowing you had a bad day, and there will be someone there to just listen. That person to have wild freaky sex with, and then cuddle with all night until morning. The one that shares and supports your common dreams, and is actively engaged in them.
They say that opposites attract, but there must always be common ground. That partner must be actively engaged in you. You must be their world. They should appreciate your sense of style, your independence and you quirky needs all at the same time. Personal freedom does not mean being disconnected from relationships. Being disconnected in a relationship however, does mean imprisonment, possibly for life or maybe until death do you part.
Who doesn't want that fabulous woman by his side, in the Range Rover with the two little ones in the back? And the Nanny can't forget the Nanny!! I always heard the saying "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, then does it really make a sound?” Being successful and alone is in essence the same thing. If there is no one to share it with or carry on the legacy, what's the sense?
I've got the flashy car (mid life crisis purchase) and the gorgeous and intelligent woman. Now I just need the two kids and the Nanny. Why? Because that's what I want, and I am the captain of this ship and my will power will blow all of the obstacles out of my path, because that's how I am, and that's what I want. Anyone who says different, then please go fuck yourself!
None of us settle because it's the thing to do, we should do what's right for us, settle down but don't just settle.
McDreamy...really can I change this name?

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