Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Man is Back!

Well...it's been a while since my last post, so I guess I need to catch up. I see we have a new addition to the circle, I would like to welcome you (Devils Advocate formerly McDreamy) but at the same time I must give you fair warning that I may comment as to what you write, and I hope you do the same...
Finally the odds are even! Well, not really. McDreamy will be writing and holding back due to his newfound relationship and somewhat scared to say things that would make him look bad. I on the other hand have always said what I feel (sometimes too much information) but that's just me. I wish you two the best in your relationship, but think this is a very risky situation. The first few months are usually perfect in relationships (very little fighting/arguing) the cute names for each other come out during that period, and the adventure/lust is on fire. Due to your distance apart, this could work out either way, it could make you crave each other more or pull you apart and bring dissatisfaction due to your yearning to be together. You may find it's easier to find someone local to give you your physical needs, while she will be entertained with the cute messages and phone calls. Men are physical by nature...so, I have to ask...although it seems perfect at this point in time, would either of you be willing to give it up to be closer? (I'm sure your answer will be yes, for now) It's just so cute to see couples when they first get together.lol
I, in no way, am trying to pick on you. In fact I am really happy for you. I did have to disagree on one point you made though. You mentioned that "we" shouldn't limit ourselves to a "type", but in fact we all do. (Pretty, skinny, chubby, common interests etc.) We are creatures of habit, not to a particular "type" but we know what we like, and what we do not. We have all tried someone/ something else before and either liked, or hated it. We have fabricated the "ideal" person for us through the years, so as for saying we don't have a "type", we actually do. I will give you a great example of something I saw on TV. As children we are trained to have certain self-esteem, if you were cute as a child, you were always being told this. We have created a number scale as to what we think we are. (For example 1-10) The show I watched had you write down what number you perceived yourself as, then they had women on the other side of the room in witch you had to walk to someone who you thought was the same rating...It showed we choose those very close to the scale we are. (Unless you thought you was the BOMB). After that, they had the women wear skin tight body suits and only show their silhouette behind a curtain, 90% of the time we were aroused by just that alone. So, in fact, we do have a "type".
As far as me, I know what I like, and don't like. I have tried those who are different from the others, but the reality is I am attracted to physical first. (As are most of us) then come communication, then interaction, and interests and so on. If you worked on Wall Street would you want someone who worked at McDonalds? If you worked out regularly would you want someone who didn't care about their health? We tend to choose our mate due to compatibility levels and usually choose those who have common interests. Sure we have all seen those couples that just don’t match (tall with short, skinny with fat, old with young) but in all those relationships, those were their "type". Your "type" has been a learning process throughout your growing years, sometimes where you live, other times your circle of friends, and yet other times influenced by TV. The reality of the matter is that one day you will realize what is important to you and not worry what everyone else is thinking, whatever and whomever makes you happy, is all that matters. Don’t change who you are as a person for someone else...you might get lost and forget who you are; they met you as "you".
The Man

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