Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ding Dong

"I Love You,” why do these three little words have such a heavy weight on people? Really what does I love you mean? It's so fake and overused. Yes, I get the whole you're "the one" Love Affair with Warren Batten and Annette Bening and some might say I'm living in this fantasy bubble world playing out my own love at first sight movie. I suppose the same people who so desperately need to hear these words are the same ones who cling to their diamond ring and thank god everyday that someone was crazy enough to sign a contract with the state to live happily ever after with them. Why do people get married? To justify a relationship? To confirm on a piece of paper their love for one another? To seal the deal? (For whatever that's worth)
In just one year so much has changed and so much more is about to. In a million years I never would picture this twist and yet it feels so right. I hope it works out, I don't expect it to be smooth sailing. It would be naive of me to think it will be perfect. Some might say it's an impulsive decision.
I had time after time picked the same physical type; Caucasian, late thirties to early forties, well educated, workaholic and time after time I had been disappointed. So I broke from my traditional comfort zone and took a chance with the unknown.
As I sit here now, just a couple months later, I'm still in shock and perhaps a bit afraid that maybe we are moving to quickly being that we really don't know one another all that well. But, this time is different, I've been so sure of anything in my life as I am about making a serious commitment to a near stranger.
I'm copying Kate and following her recent decisions. Had I from day one stated the truth and not sugar coated the reality maybe then I wouldn't have gotten myself in a pickle on a dead end road.
Tomorrow marks the fifth month of Love Bites. In April and May our blogs were on the dark side, in June we had some soap opera drama with Mr. & Mrs. JSR discovering the blog and well let's just say they don't approve. But the nearly four thousands followers sure do. This past month was all about changes and confronting ghosts. As for August we thought it would be appropriate and in a way necessary now to spill our guts (cause clearly we haven't been doing that already) and talk about who we are and how we got here. Sure, you know about the breakups and heartache, but there was a time before the drama when life was well normal and when we weren't writing a blog or a book. So the theme for next month will be the back-story of our lives.

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