Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anecdote Reality

"I never believed for one minute that I couldn't have you and that's not arrogance. I accepted that I might never have you, but that is different. If I believed the former I would never try." - Anonymous

What was taken for granted for so long, brought me to tears and in pain, like a shattered romance. Like the beautiful mirror on the wall I forgot all about it and one day the posts gave way and down came crashing my heart and soul into a sextillion pieces like powdered rosin in a wooden box. Not even with a witches broom could I sweep it all away, because still it is not trash. It has found a new place to be and a different view than I had been used to. Like a puzzle, there it is, all of me, scattered and disbursed in every direction. You may think it's crazy to say, a blessing in disguise, but now I see chapters of one book, pages and pages of tale after tale telling the story of my life. Like an atom taking residence in every direction even though it is in one place, the floor of this sacred home. Amazed for eternity I take my time, finally getting to know this beautiful piece of art I had so responsibly created. I must have been prepared for such work, since I found out on some nostalgic day, a very long time ago, that there is more then meets the eye. Conjure up a great spell and put it all back together, greater than before. - V.O.

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