Sunday, July 11, 2010

School of Rock

So the topic of discussion this month seems to be about past relationships and blossoming new ones. The Man is on hiatus, the dating desert doesn't inspire comical stories or for that matter any stories. Our newest addition, Devils Advocate formerly McDreamy, sure seems to be working his charm on Summer. Who would have known that he could write too? He's a keeper.
Like I promised all those weeks ago, I would one day talk about other people besides M. John is the topic of my most recent posts and for now he probably will remain the focus of my thoughts. I prefer not to discuss my daily life, not only besides it's rather boring but also because well I prefer the mystery. I'm sure M's camp is happy I have stopped my rant against the cowardly lion. It's a temporary break; M will once again be the topic of many more posts one day. He is after all a permanent fixture on the Love Bites blog. Our next trip into the Lion's Den is in the works. The mission is grander and the scheme is ever more hilarious.
When I began the daunting task of writing the book, I thought it would be best to spin the story lines and character pairings into a fictional tale. This I would quickly realize was actually much harder to write than I thought. I knew the true story, I had lived thru the majority of the tale, I couldn't picture these people I once knew in a different light. So, I took a step back and thought why not just tell the story just as we have in the blog. A documentation of life after betrayal and heartache. We have already burned bridges and pissed people off with our words so why not continue to tell the true story. There is no need to sugar coat reality, it's already a fascinating tale as is.
I haven't forgotten about the upcoming anniversary of marital bliss. How could you forget such a cute combination of numbers. I think there is even a customized license plate with these numbers somewhere in the sunshine state. Maybe I should send an edible arrangement bouquet with the chocolate dipped bananas. Yummy!!
Until we meet again.
Have a fabulous night everyone!

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