Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bring It On!!

So it's been about a month now since we removed the comment feature. Life has changed and continuing with our up beat tone this month we have decided to reinstate the peanut gallery feature. Although we have slightly altered whom can comment so as to avoid unproductive and slandering anonymous posts. If for some reason we continue to get anonymous comments we unfortunately will once again remove the feature.
We have a bunch of new readers, many of whom are unaware of the back-story and history of our lives and how the past and present briefly met again on this blog. So, we felt it was only appropriate for our new followers to read the whole Love Bites saga.
You never know who is reading, maybe one day Lisa or Andy will also come across our words. We got lots of great material from JSR and company when they voiced their opinions last month. Even thou the words were unproductive and rude they make for fabulous reading and entertainment value. So, I say bring it on. Plus now we had not one, but two bouncers supporting and protecting us against the Jackass Sewer Rats and Big Bad Wolves.

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