Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Peanut Gallery

I have mixed emotions about once again allowing strangers comment and pick apart my life. I'm not writing to get respect or fame and fortune. I'm writing for myself, but at the same time this is an investment in the future. For that reason alone, I have agreed to temporarily reinstate the back seat driver commentary.
Since we removed the feature, I was less stressed. While the blog is public when no one can publicly comment it feels more like a private diary which has allowed me to write more freely and honestly.
But looking back on certain entries it is difficult to understand them without reading the comments they are in reference to. From a business perspective it is necessary for the time being to allow random people to be little and slander my existence and talent. I've got thick skin so bring it on!
Last night we officially began the long awaited journey to get our story published. In just over three months we have written over three hundred pages. I took a deep breath as I clicked send and with that a decade of memories, trauma and drama were let out into the literary world. A part of me is relieved and calm, yet at the same time terrified for the response. Is it noteworthy or just another story of brokenhearted women seeking revenge? So far the immediate reviews are positive and while I'm thrilled with the interest I am also incredibly nervous about having someone edit away my life.

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