Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Married at sea

When we started Love Bites seven years ago (holy shit!! it feels like a lifetime ago) we were young and naive and trying to make peace with a life once lived. Some things are still are the same, but so much has changed as well. For starters I'm closer to forty than thirty now. (Still trying to get use to this reality) Summer and I are no longer friends and I miss her dearly. Most of the others from back in the day I've lost touch with for one reason or another.

I've been holding onto this blog, not because I wish to relive the past, but because I worry that if I let it go I may not find my place again. Yet, the longer I let it sit here abandoned the more I prolong accepting my new reality.

The past will continue to haunt me and I'm coming to terms with this and the domino effects of decisions made years ago. In hindsight I would have done somethings differently, but then I wonder if I might never have made it where I am today.

With that said it's time to move onto the new chapter in life...marriage. Which is basically just the grown up version of Love Bites. Full disclosure I'm not actually getting married. Well maybe someday, but highly unlikely. The point is we all must move on someday and while today is that day for me and Love Bites.

There isn't nearly as much drama these days, but I still manage to find genius ways to screw up my life. This blog with all its' ghosts and easter eggs will live on here forever, but if you want to follow me and my new life go to: www.marriedatsea.com. Don't be turned off by the fluffy stuff I have on there too (i.e. fashion and lifestyle articles). I gotta make a living somehow right?!


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