Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mumbling Fool...Now You Know Why

That felt a little awkward. SP had convinced me to go on a slightly later flight so that we could spend a few more hours together. The goodbye was strange. She drove me to LaGuardia; I took my bags, and then what? Okay, no "I love you"... We're not at that juncture yet. Do I embrace her and give her the kiss to remember, smack her on the ass, smile and say "Miss you already" and casually walk to my gate? Do I gently hold her hands, look into her eyes and say I wish this didn't have to end? What should I do? Damn it, ran out time, now I standing there like a idiot..."ok.... ehhh...don't forget to call.... ehhhh bye".... what??????.... What the hell was that? Mr. Rico Suave!!!!!...That moment was truly embarrassing and out of character for me.
But that's what she did to me! For a lack of a better term, it was a mind-blowing weekend. This woman is bloody incredible...!!!...But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Who could believe it all started with an innocent bumper cart incident in Whole Foods. It was the shortest long weekend I have ever spent with anyone. Her smell mesmerized me, I took every opportunity to stare into her gorgeous eyes and enjoying every smile directed at me. Does it seem a little obsessive? No. This is what you do when you don't want it to end and you are not sure if it will happen again. For all I know, I was leaving myself wide open for her to see all my flaws, and never want to see me again. But that was the risk I was willing to take. I felt small next to her, not insignificant, but here was a woman that seemed larger than life itself. I am a very confident and sure-footed individual; very few people and things phase me. But, how could you not be at least momentarily in awe of such a confident women? She has her own fabulous style, not conforming to the norm but setting new trends. A walk in closet reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw and an equally unique wardrobe. (Yes, I've seen the iconic HBO show) She is so organized and calculated, all of her jewels lined up on the bureau, dresses in order, could she really be that perfect. I certainly will not go into the details of bedtime; I will just leave it at God Damn!! What a wonderful weekend, every moment became a memory. SP you are truly fabulous. One man's coal truly is another’s treasure. (Totally inappropriate but it's a running joke between the ladies.)
Devils Advocate

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