Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Playing For Keeps

Although I will never claim to have figured life out, I have learned many valuable lessons, and I can say the same about women. One thing that I have figured out is what I want out of life and what kind of lady I want by my side. Youth was fun, chasing skirts, broken hearts, and quick rebounds. We weren't playing for keeps; we just wanted to keep playing. Playing that game pretend, the game where you are positive she's the one, until you meet her friend.
No regrets though! I have learned a lot from the likes of wonderful ladies like Marsha, who taught me that it's not always fun and games. Eventually the chasing must stop, because soon you will grow tired. "Catch and Release,” that’s what we called it back in the day, a game I stopped playing awhile ago, but I guess old habits die hard. My best friend Dan got married ten years ago, wow! I would never forget what he said to me on that Saturday afternoon, "She's the one!” Sure enough she was, they spent three years of college apart, 5000 miles away. Fourteen years and one gorgeous girl later, they moved away to follow their dream and found it.
On reflection I have had some great catches in my life, what was it then? Maybe I was insatiable; maybe I used my corporate job as a reason or an excuse. For me now it comes down to work life balance. I have followed all of my dreams, and have found success. But there is still something that I haven't fulfilled. Ah, I know what it is. The fantasy home with large windows that overlook the bay with a crackling fireplace in the back and my beautiful damsel and two gorgeous little ones rubbing their eyes because it's bedtime.
It's a giant step for both of us, but we will not enter it blindly. Many say that it's a big risk, what are you thinking? What we are thinking is common dreams, common goals, and the balls to remain in control of our destiny. If you are content with your mediocre life, then don't bitch and complain when it doesn't change. Don't get jealous because we are going to make it happen, you had your chances, this time we are playing for keeps.
Devils Advocate

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