Monday, July 19, 2010

Twilight Zone

I've been away for the last week, on a hiatus of sorts, but not really by choice. Continuing with the bizarre and seemingly small world we live in. After McDreamy's ex called him last week out of the blue and then not only followed up with an apology text, but yesterday called him to ask if she could stay at his place when she visits next month with her sister. (Which she absolutely can not and I'm not just saying that because well his my man. McDreamy is the one who terminated that bizarre thought which I take as a huge sign that he is seriously into me) I guess, she didn't get the hint last week or maybe now she finally gets that it's over and he has moved on.
The comment feature has once again been removed. It was a short lived thought and just as mentioned last month while we love to hear from our loyal readers we aren't writing to please you. What we learned this time was that the comment feature is no longer helpful or cute, but rather bothersome and a Pandora’s box. For these reasons we most likely will be terminating the feature permanently. There will never be a point when the past doesn't haunt us and it certainly is not helping any if the negative and slandering comments are a click away. Again, we would like to give our readers the opinion to comment via our email address or on the Facebook fan page. As well, after this weekends drama filled events I personally wasn't ready for the newest shit storm to hit my inner circle sanctuary. Given how well the blog went over with JSR and company I'm not nearly as strong as Kate is even though I put on this brave exterior. In many ways that's why I haven't talked about Andy and our past together all that much and I may never be emotionally ready to discuss the past. I am still traumatized and most likely will be forever especially after this weekend.
What started out as another leisurely Saturday morning very quickly turned into a twilight zone episode. I began my Saturday morning just like so many others. I woke up before dawn took Max (my golden retriever) out for a run and then spent the rest of the morning in my PJs reading the NYTimes. At around eleven I took a shower (control your imagination boys) as I was drying my hair the lobby buzzer goes off. I wasn't expecting anyone to visit me so I was a bit startled. "There is a man in a suit asking for you Ms.Peterson. Should I send him up?" I should point out that McDreamy had jokingly mentioned the night before that he was going to fly up and surprise me one of these days. It couldn't be or maybe. "Yes, yes please send him up." Mind you I'm still in my robe, hair semi dry, no makeup and now no time to do anything but throw on the first thing I see hanging in my closet. Jeans and a gray cardigan, hey it's a lazy Saturday and I didn't realize I was having company.
If only it were McDreamy at the door. I don't know many other men who wear suits on a Saturday so I wasn't even thinking perhaps it was a ghost from the past. There he was, all 5'9", olive skinned, brown hair, green eyes, in an impeccable navy blue pin stripe Armani suit. (I know my designers; this is what I do after all.) He looked even better than I remember, but then I remembered, "Wait, I hate you. You're a royal douche bag." Instead what came out of my mouth was "Um hello. What the hell are you doing here?" The Big Bad Wolf aka Andy was standing in front of me. Let's not forget the affair, the wedding, and the baby, the moving across the country to get as far away as possible from this man and now here he was with the nerve to ask if he could come into my home. My home, not his, not ours, MINE!!! There really are no words to describe how I felt. Mostly I was furious and confused, yet at the same time the little voice in me kept saying, "He loves me. He loves me. OMG! Why now? What do I do?" A momentary lapse in judgment and then the inner bitch in me came out fighting. I had rehearsed this day over and over in my mind for months and now that it was playing out in my living room I couldn't believe it really was coming true.
He said a lot, too much really and most of which I didn't hear as I was to focused on the fact that the Big Bad Wolf being in my apartment and not only wondering how the hell he found me, but what on earth he could possibly want now from me.
I think I've ranted enough tonight. More scandalous gossip from this weekends plot twist tomorrow.
Night all!

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