Friday, July 23, 2010

Jack and Jill

We are tall lovers,
though we know each other not at all.
We are tall lovers,
even in the tiniest bit so small.
I beg to differ,
to make these windows "pains" so thin.
I beg to differ,
that lust is just a sin.
We cry by touch,
and weep at rain.
We laugh through reflection,
and smile in desolation.

It's tough getting to know one another,
when the difference is but one.
Everybody needs a mother goose,
even the silly little shun.

Cleaner is the river that washes out the bum.
Cleaner is the liver, which taketh all but none.

We can be small lovers,
and regurgitate life like birds.
We can be strangely influential,
to each other’s nourishing words.
A picture speaks a thousand winks,
and the ferry takes the ride.
Muddy feet on slippery slopes,
and hands held tight may slide.

Two mountains meet at the foothills of twinkle toes, and in the valley the pioneer rows.
Fate waits on Destiny,
and Life is the only one who knows!
Up stream is where creation mates and creates the massive rip curl.
In the opposite direction there lay kindly a boy,
and sweetly a precious girl.

Making love under the cool breezy shade,
the Macintosh is how the heart was made.
To be loved is in need of a steel persuade,
and green is the stone called Jade.

The meaning of great power lies in the understanding of water and what it really does to the earth. - V.O.

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