Saturday, July 17, 2010

Much To Do About Nothing

Started writing this post last night in the midst of an alcohol induced moment of genius and then fell asleep with the computer on my lap and the bottle of vodka half empty.
Here's a first and you are right D, it was bound to happen at some point. An alcohol induced post much to do about nothing. I don't watch TV all that much anymore. All the good shows are off the air now. When I do, I watch The Good Wife, Drop Dead Diva (a guilty pleasure), Criminal Minds, Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery. Been writing after work for the last couple weeks and haven't even watched the news. Made myself the first of many stiff vodka cocktails tonight. I typically never drink unless I'm on vacation or it's been a really bad day. Which today was, thankfully I'll be back on the beach sipping frozen strawberry daiquiris before I know it. After which I will begin the daunting task of once again boxing up my life. I'm moving to start my second business (third if you count this blog). You never know where I might end up, maybe JSR and I will be neighbors. That would be funny and cruel, but don't worry I don't plan to ever live in a nondescribe suburbia wasteland which even though it's technically considered part of Miami proper is so far from the ironic image of Ocean Drive with the neon lights and sunny beaches. This is nothing wrong with this, but when you portray yourselves to be big shot upper management types well a depressing ranch home forty minutes inland is just wrong.
I'm excited about growing the business and also incredibly nervous. With both J and V at crossroads in their lives it's perfect timing for the gang to reunite.

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