Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year. New City. Still Single.

   I must apologize it's been nearly a year since I last wrote. I met a guy six months ago who for the first time in years made me feel special. Just the fact that I'm saying this a milestone. He is a great catch, almost everything I unknowingly wished for in my perfect match. Yet, we were polar opposites when it came to decisions on just about anything. Sadly we broke up shortly before the holidays.

   I suppose it was a mutual breakup, except for the being dumped via text part. Which I found even more hurtful being that it right before the holidays and I recently moved to a new city where the only people I had been socializing with were his friends.

   Long story short, I'm single again and almost 31!! and it turns out I've moved to the city with the worst chances of finding love or even Mr. Right Now. So, as part of my standard New Year's resolution to workout more and eat healthier,  I've started a new blog called - Dating Los Angeles @ If I haven't found Mr. Right after 1,000 dates I'll except my fate as an old cat lady living in a house of shoes.

 Happy New Year y'all!!!