Thursday, July 1, 2010

Clean Slate

A new month and a new outlook on certain people and places. The slate has been wiped clean. I noticed the change the second I got off the plane. I felt nothing. No fear, no butterflies, just sublime happiness. As if I truly was home and the past never existed. I wonder if the Men in Black blinded me with the magic wand.
I still can’t believe it could be that easy. There has yet to be a moment where I thought, “I wonder where the ghosts are?” (Except for right now) but in general it’s not a factor in where I go.
I had been debating if I really was emotionally strong enough to go back into the Lion’s Den and you bet yea I am. Home sweet home once again. The evolution has occurred. I’m not the person I once was and I’m so thankful for this.
People always say it’s the moment you stop thinking about the ghosts that they appear. I don’t know if it will happen on this trip, but I have a feeling we will one day meet again. The city maybe big enough for the past and present to roam free, but we will always be too close for comfort.
As I get ready to enjoy another night underneath the palm trees I’m already planning my return trip. The past can never completely be erased, but for right now it sure seems to be nothing more than a bad dream. I question whether this newfound peace is a result of letting myself become preoccupied with the days events. Whatever the reason is, I’m glad to be back and better than ever.
On tap for tomorrow more fun in the sun and let’s not forget the Love Bites bash and my father who is another year closer to the senior citizen home. (Well it's true)
Have a fabulous night everyone!

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