Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Exposing your life and private thoughts in a very public way isn't for everyone. I understand the concerns and consequences of my actions and I accept whatever words that may come my way.
I apologize for being out of the limelight for the last week. I have been preoccupied with life's daily wants and desires. I went quiet about the intimate details of my relationship with McDreamy a little while back because I feared he would take my kind words and random thoughts about him the wrong way. It no longer is necessary for me to try and hide my identity or thoughts on a blossoming relationship. McDreamy has since found the blog and read every single entry. So here comes the potentially ackward pause and mixed reaction from the peanut gallery.
I am delighted that not only does McDreamy approve of our blog, but he wants to be a writer as well. Which is a surreal outcome, yet rather refreshing and enlighting as well. This is unfamiliar territory for me. I have never been courted via the Internet, let along on a public blog and now let's all start signing the song, "Cha cha changes." Which in an era of social networks and status updates with too much information I suppose it's quite normal to leave a permanent signature of a moment of happiness. I can only hope that our new couples writing exercise isn't parallel to that of getting a tattoo with a soon-to-be ex's name. Since this month is all about changes I say why not give it a shot. We don't have a traditional relationship anyhow being that we live thousands of miles away and really what harm can come of tattooing our feelings and thoughts not only about each other but about life experiences in the Love Bites arena. Welcome to the inner circle babe.

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