Monday, July 12, 2010


I've always loved the idea behind the movie Serendipity or for that matter the concept of serendipity and how one random event leads to another and another and yet in the end they all become intertwined. Even how McDreamy (I picked the name and I'm staying with it.) and I originally met is serendipitious. If I hadn't been preoccupied with the conversation I was having on the phone with my mother, I wouldn't have been standing in the aisle forever deciding on dinner and then subsequently smacked my grocery cart into his. If it weren't for all these little things coming together at that very moment I never would have had the good fortune to meet McD. Funny how now I don't remember the days before we met. He is a constant in my life now and it feels like it always has been.
When McDreamy called me yesterday (not at 3am) and told me about the conversation with Lisa (his ex-wife) I was floored. I'm still in shock, what are the chances? Neither one lives in New York and it's not like we are talking about visiting a quaint little farm town. This is New York freaking City with millions of people walking around and an excessive amount of places to dine, shop and hang out. But, even still the chances that she would fly across the country from California and McDreamy would fly up from Miami in the same week and then at the same time on the same day be at the same location is so bizarre.
Maybe there is more to this. Of course there is the obvious, which in itself is a touchy subject. Lisa clearly still has feelings for her ex-husband and was hurt that he has moved on and started dating. I question how in the blink of an eye she was able to make such a detailed description of me and whom I appeared to be judged solely on what I was wearing and my body language. Not to tout my own horn, but on that particular day, I was wearing a fabulously sexy dress so if this was a contest of whom is the winner, hands down it goes to McD. The sweet girly side of me really feels for his ex. I've been in her shoes; I've watched the man I thought was the love of the life move on and start a family with someone else. At first, a part of me was jealous of the new wife, but then I remembered why he was my ex and all those sweet thoughts very quickly turned to resentful and hatred.
Kate has fearlessly entered the Lion's Den, McD has now been spotted by his ex, the clock is ticking for me to get blindsided by my former flame. I guess you really never can forget the past, as it always seems to make its way back into your present.

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