Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Soap Opera Drama

Ladies, please. We are all adults here. Whether you agree or disagree with Kate's words or not, I ask that you talk in private. This blog may hurt some people’s feelings, but so does life. While I can understand how one might take certain entries personally, they were never meant to cause any more pain than was already dealt with.
While I have never met the present day JSR, I have heard over the years many stories. I'm not judging people for their past or present behavior I'm just saying that maybe before you get ready for war, you should know things.
Whatever happened last year that caused all this soap opera drama and trauma is what it is. No particular person is to blame for feelings or friendships that were broken. Kate decided after months and months of trauma, that not only included the whole JSR story, to take to the Internet. It has worked wonders and while it maybe unfortunate that some people think they personally know whom her story is about, all I can say is such is life, people come and go from our lives. Why certain people take longer to get out of our system is hard to tell.
I will say this nicely the first time, let it be, whatever you think you know or wish you didn't know, does it really matter now? Don't you think you have done enough by never answering the one and only question? Don't you think it's rude to end a friendship or relationship in an email? I'm sorry isn't good enough anymore. No words will help any of you. So, let it be. Learn from today, people have feelings.
While you may not agree with Kate's decision to make the story public or be overdramatic at times, that is her choice. She gave JSR multiple chances to make peace with the bitter situation and nothing. So, if this is how she has decided to make peace with JSR and the rest of a bitter year. I ask that you respect her decision, just as she has yours.
If life is perfect than Kate's story shouldn't mean a thing to you. As you should know the past, present and future. Kate has moved on and it would seem that your lives haven't skipped a beat. You had your chance to make good on past mistakes and it's unfortunate that you decided to keep certain people in the dark.


  1. Miss Blog Owner your words are intelligent and understood, but she should not have used 1st his true initial all of the first few blogs including geographically where he lives. 2nd who said anything about a war, I don't care about her you or anything reagrds this blog overall except when she used my story which is her story on YOUR page. Crying out loud about someting insignificant. 3rd In response to her unfair comment of waiting til now for both of your information, I found YOUR blog on May 29th 2 days ago and it caused enough grief for me as well not just her, thanks to an email you SP sent him. So let's play fair and everyones feelings should be taken into consideration. I put all the pieces together on sunday and confronted my husband not you. Inspite that I got your link for social network page. Katie was a closed chapter in this household til your site came up. You all are talking about feelings and truth and toss it around but when the facts are disclosed you coward away and want to paint inocent. When I read watching him, waiting, there was a potential for alarm this is my family she's talking about not yours. I was that nice person she talking about, grateful for her gifts wondering why she was so generous but did not give it a second thought. I am 41 years old have 3 children, 1 died you people talk about grieving, grieving WHAT? JSR please put it rest, he didn't care only professionally. So SP if you would have stayed off his friend request maybe none of this would have ever surfaced. You ladies want the truth then listen and drop it if not continue your fantasies and keep us out of it because be sure that will keep an eye out for anything that looks out of place. This is all wrong in both your parts, neither one care about how it hurt my feelings in the last 48 hours as I read and read and read so please let's bury the coarpse and let it rest underground.

  2. Are you bitter and pissed off? That's unfortunate. It never had to come to this.But at last still no answer to the one question. You are welcome to continue reading. Everything we say is true, that's why it is called a blog. Whether you approve or not. I wish you and your family the best and I can only hope that it doesn't end as poorly as SATC 2. You read his emails? Wow guess that says something about your trust. But, again if you think that your actions or his actions are appropriate given your ages, then you will never understand this blog, the book or any trauma that has been caused to Kate or your family. Again, all she asked for was the truth, a simple answer to a simple question. But, it's too late now. What is done, is done. Just remember you are no longer anonymous. That was your choice. Your words and actions are meaningless now. But, I'm more than happy to continue this pleasant exchange. Perhaps add another chapter to the book. Thanks again. All she wanted was a simple answer to a simple question. Maybe you and your husband have learned something today. That there are appropriate ways to end friendships and completely cowardly and rude ways. This is the result of being a jackass sewer rat. Sorry. There are no pretty words to describe his actions. Have a fabulous day!

  3. Did you care about me feelings? No, I don't think you did. All I wanted was a simple answer to a simple question. That's all. So, NO I didn't think about your feelings. Just as you didn't think about mine. I was not out of line ever and it's unfortunate that the only way to get someone to speak is to put the betrayal out in the open. But, still no apology, no answer. I am not the bad guy. I was caution and polite and what do I get for my kindness, a kick in the ass and no response. So, maybe you should be asking me how I dealt with the pain and hurt and I'm not just talking about JSR. This is life, deal with it. Write a book, go back to your bubble life. I don't give a shit!!!! I have tried to be nice, but I'm beyond being nice. I guard my life now and live life day by day. Life is full of surprises and assholes. I'm just glad I don't surround myself with cowards like JSR. Have a good one. Kate

  4. But Katie, I answered your question WHY yesterday? it is just not enough, you want the whole fairytale answer, there is no fairytale answer. He contacted you because you were successful in your new business and he wanted to congratulate you and it opened conversation. Fine theres nothing wrong with that, now did you guys talk other things, I don't know I don't care. I was grateful for all you did but there was a hiden agenda from all of you, and i am not the one to pay for all your betrayals, adulteous behaviors, infidelities that the both of you are are guilty of, but I've had enough... I know about life, for you to give me lessons, you have lived 1/2 of what i have.... Booty calls do not deserve this much time, because you were at the beginning some special but after you had that so call affair with him, cheating on your husband thats all you became. Now as for email friendship breakups, grow up Katie they can never be good break ups because if the friendship was so great them it wouldn't have to end. So there will never be a satisfactory answer to your WHY? never. As for giving a shit, I don't either. I'm not the one with cheesy Mission Imossible and the heels.

    He's such a fool to be disturbing the past when it needed to stay dead.... his bad... he will learn.

  5. Here's the thing say what you want about me it doesn't matter. You don't know me or my life. Maybe you think you know me thru this blog, but you don't. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and unfortunately I didn't see your post from yesterday until today.


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