Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun Guy

Do I have a sign that says "insert drinks for a good time"??? I love having fun like the next guy, but sometimes I feel bad about it. I have some women "friends" yea, I know what you're thinking...I want something from them, well...I sure do! Here's a little in look: I am average guy with above average luck (if you call it that) I call it a curse! I just don't understand anymore...So many women state they "are tired of the games" but what am I? Am I the game? The "fun" guy? Someone to call when you don't want something serious, but want tons of fun? Who knows!
Numerous times these "friends" (some new, some old, and some recently met), call to see what's going on. If I say I'm a little lazy and just want to watch a movie at home, they wait for their offer. And what happens? The same ole same ole...maybe drinks half of a movie and BAM!! Do I make the first move? Not always, but let's face it. You call me, want to come over, tell me "it's ok, whatever happens, happens". The worst part is that when things are said and done, you put on your clothes, say goodbye and ask me whenever I want to hang out again they would love to. No calls during the week asking about my day, just small talk and wondering when it's their turn again. How could this be? They don't want anything but sharing their time with me...Are they that lonely? Or am I known as the "fun guy"? You might say they have low self-esteem, but if that were the case, so many of you women have low self-esteem. I am starting to think it may be a curiosity thing. You women talk way too much, telling stories about your boyfriends, or someone you're dating. Ever wondered why your boyfriend slept with your friend??? It’s because you bragged about him, telling her everything she needed to hear. All she had to do was wait for her opportunity, and she knew everything about him. What he likes, dislikes, and the best part is.that's she's going to do him better than you! You had to learn through practice and error; she knew all she needed before the game even started!
When things are so easy, you start to loose the enjoyment of the chase. I felt that chase recently, and it felt amazing. I am looking for that last first date, not endless dates filled with BS talk that leads to drunken sex. I am not 25 anymore and although I enjoy being the "fun guy" if that's what I am, but I would trade it all in for someone who is perfect for me. It seems to be an endless journey to find "the one", and many say it will come when you're not looking for it. You know what, how often does a blind guy or someone who never goes out actually have exactly what they want, knocking on their door stating "I'm here because you weren't looking, and good things come to those who wait" HAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, yea right!! We read quotes, watch movies, listen to the lyrics of songs, but the reality is, we are always looking, one-way or another. Nothing or no one is perfect, but what we need to do is accept some of us will only be the "fun guy/girl".
The Man

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