Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Hunt Continues

Online dating sites have begun to run my life! As soon as I wake every morning, I turn on my computer, check all my tabs (which are still open from the night before) read my mail (to see if the one's I really thought were attractive) wrote back. This has become a part of my morning ritual. I can hardly remember a day where I didn't look to see what was going on online.
Am I addicted? I sure think I am, but I keep telling myself "as soon as I meet the right one, I'm done with all of this”. But let's face it it's easy! I live a fast paced lifestyle, don't have too many good friends, or one's that are not married and are allowed to go out with "the single guy", so I choose the online dating highway. The choices are endless; you can pick a location, body types, hair color, education, and so on. But maybe that is the problem...TOO MANY CHOICES. For example: one site you can click yes if you think you would like to meet them, or think they are attractive. Half the work is done for you, if they click "yes" as well, you know the attraction is there. Next, you talk back and forth and see where it goes. But be warned most of the women are scammers from other countries trying to fool you, but sometime just a conversation alone is all I wanted. Then there are the one's like "Photoshop princess" who either alter their photo's to look perfect, or tell you they work out frequently when actually they play WII fit with their kids, while eating a big Mac. Hahaha.You can become just about anyone you want to be online.
Whether online or offline we have become a world where everything is about looks, status, what you own, and who you know. Of course we need physical appearance to be attracted to someone, and many say that is not everything, but would you really take the time to know someone if attraction wasn't there? Is outside appearances a reflection of who you really are? Or just trying to live up to those shows and thinking by buying those expensive shoes, purses, clothes, makeup, boobs, lips, lipo-suction, ass implants, push-up bra's, eating like a bird, buying a dog you can fit in your purse, and trying to find the pair of sunglasses bigger than all your friends is what men really want. What all that screams is ATTENTION, HIGH MAINTENANCE, and rarely satisfied. I have dated hundreds of these sexy silicon seductresses and have learned many things along the way: many of these women have gotten just about everything they have ever asked for, what makes you think you can handle their expenses? Sure they look great as arm candy, but most want to be the center of attention at all times. The first time you are a little short on cash, they complain they never get to do anything. Most take hours to get ready, and don't usually enjoy the simple things in life. We all want to feel wanted by each other, but do you want everyone else to want what you have too? I am just a simple guy who has expensive tastes on some things, I enjoy going out, but at the same time love the "blockbuster nights". I have been on the online dating highway for over a year, had hundreds of dates, I'm sure spent thousands of dollars.... for what??? You women have it easy!! All you really have to think about is what to wear! I am not cheap by any means, but I just get tired of every weekend the same old thing!
This weekend: I went on a date (wasn't really a date, more like a meeting). I had been talking with her for about six months; we were more like friends who wanted to see if there might be a "connection". Dinner went well, she was attractive and also very educated. At the same time, I had two others that, if I wanted to have "fun", I could have. I could have just stayed home, answered my phone, had "fun" with no expectations...but instead I wanted to see if this may be something worth chasing. The sex part is's the relationship that is the tough part. Many will say I am crazy for not staying home, having "fun", and not spending a dime...But I want more! Am I allowed to be happy for more than a few hours? For many, the thoughts of multiple women who want nothing more than a "good time" would be amazing. As cheesy as this sounds, I just want to wake up with someone that I am happy to be next to, give them a kiss good morning, have breakfast, and have a great day together. Is that too much to ask for? Sure I could do that with the "fun girls" I'm sure they would love the idea...but from the start, I knew they were not the "one's" for me.
So again starts a new week with hopes on finding what's right for me. Maybe I have already met "the one", been talking to her, perhaps she is a friend already...only time will tell.
The Man

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  1. Maybe you already HAVE met "the one", been talking to her and perhaps indeed she is a friend already...
    You are right time will only tell but isnt it fun getting there? Just are the writer of your OWN destiny...;)

    Good Luck if she is a friend I bet she feels the same way,,,


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