Monday, June 28, 2010

Empire State of Mind

Looks like we all could use a quick catnap from the blog. Kate's on vacation, The Man is disturbingly quiet all of a sudden. Guess Candy wiped him out for a bit. As for me, I'm still out and about, enjoying every minute of this gorgeous summer weather. But, when two out of the three are on leave well I feel like joining the bandwagon for a few as well.
June certainly was the most memorable month to date for Love Bites. We started the month with a scandal of sorts and some entertaining soap opera drama. June also has been our busiest writing month and we've still got a few more days left.
The archives are adding up and for new readers it may seem overwhelming. At this point I'm not sure if it's wiser to start at the beginning and work you way up to the present or start in our current reality and go back in time. Either way it will be time well spent.
I spent yesterday in Soprano land (New Jersey), visiting an old childhood friend, Jen (celebrity look alike Kelly Preston) and her husband Steven (look alike Vince Vaughn). They live at the end of the cul-de-sac, all beautiful Tudor McMansions, pristine manicured lawns, a dealership of BMW's in each driveway. It is the stereotypical ideal of suburban life and they are the stereotypical ideal of perfection. Two adorable children, Eric is ten going on thirty and Molly, is eight.
We have lunch outside on the deck; caprese salad, grilled salmon with broccoli, fresh fruit and a lemon tart accompanied by a bottle of chardonnay from Steven's brother's vineyard. Jen said she made everything, but I have a feeling there was a trip to the local Whole Foods. She is a stay at home mom. Steven is a partner at a law firm in Manhattan. The kids entertained themselves with the new Wii games I bought them.
When we were little, Jen and I were BFFs. My mother use to say, we were joined at the hip. Jen's family moved to Illinois when we were thirteen. We lost touch shortly after, but thanks to the Internet we quickly have become BFFs again.
At last I said goodbye and at mock speed was on my way back home. I was afraid if I stayed any longer, I too would become part of the stereotype.
There is something beautiful and magical about driving into New York City. You are aware that this metropolitan city is moments ago, yet it always feels like I’m about to discover greatness.
The city can be overwhelming at times. The hustle and bustle, the honking on the yellow submarines, the endless amount of J walkers (myself included at times). It’s a Mecca of greatness, of wealth, of success. You can live your whole life here and never see it all. The mix of people on each block is fascinating. It has its moments of suburban life, Mister Softie and the all to familiar musical melody driving past or teenagers on their skateboards. You quickly realize that in order to survive here you must be fearless and confident. If not you will get lost in the hustle and thrown out with the trash.

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