Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dating with Baggage Part 2

I just couldn't take the not knowing any longer. I asked the question so many want the answer to but are afraid to ask at the beginning.... what happened? did I do something wrong?, please be honest. Well, I got some answers but not sure how to take them. I am at a point I (actually we are both) at a point where we could use as much advice as possible. If you are a single mother, and have gone through something like this, please share...This could finally be what I have been searching for, I am on my knees.
Here goes: Her son came home late after I had left. He saw my car there during the day and didn't want to come home. She spoke with him the next morning and he was angry with her and left again. She/ I don't really know how to handle the situation with her son. She had been alone for so long due to the fact of his jealousy. He tries to ruin all relationships she has entered and she tends to hide them. I was the first guy she wanted him to meet and like. We both wanted to do it correctly to not hurt his feelings, but somehow they are hurt already. He has left again and has not spoken to her again yet. He has made her think she is to live life single and unhappy due to his actions. At this point she is ready for any suggestions, and so am I. Now with all the information I gave you plus the prior info of her almost loosing him, what do you think? She may try therapy this week but has never tried it before with him. Will this push him away more?
We meet people and accept everything they may have, or not have in their lives. I, in no way want to change someone, but in this case, I think some change is necessary. Or am I working with someone who has no chance of giving me their all? The chase for "the one" is a difficult road with many turns, bumps and not always as smooth as we like. But I drive a 4X4 and will go off-road if I feel it's worth it. In this case, I think it may be something worth chasing.
The Man

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