Sunday, June 6, 2010

Handy Mandy

With all the latest drama, twists and turns, and unanswered questions, there are still many great stories to tell. As I was thinking of the up's and down's of last week, I remembered "Handy Mandy".
As I promised to be as PG as possible, this one will be difficult. I had a really long workweek and while talking to a few friends, one of them mentioned buying a gift certificate to a salon & massage parlor. Wow! That’s just what I could use, I thought to myself. (Not the salon part) I then looked up a few places and went in to see the staff (I did not want a dude touching me) and there she was.... long brown hair with perfect highlights, and an amazing body. I knew right then and there, this was the spot for me. I set an appointment, did all the necessary trimming and extra touches. I was nervous due to the fact a hot stranger would have their hands all over my body for an hour.
I arrived at about 4pm and there she was with a huge smile and a towel in hand. I then went to the room that was filled with sounds of nature and the smells of incense. I got ready and laid on the table (face up). She walked in with a giggle and said "silly you need to put that towel over yourself and roll over". Here we go...she starts to rub, pull and squeeze my arms, hands and back. The thoughts were racing in my head as to why my head was covered with boobs on each side, but I loved it.... maybe a little too she then caressed every inch of my body as she worked her miracle in a circle.she had almost finished as she asked "would you like to turn over?" OMG, now? I thought to myself...let's just say I was a bit aroused. And the thoughts of turning over didn't help things to retreat to normal.” Here we go,” I thought to myself. I turned over as she began rubbing my inner thighs. The tent was in full effect at this point. As suddenly in a light brushing motion..."oops" she tells me. Ha! I was trying not to laugh. Then again, I get a slide of the hand with a "whoops, I'm sorry”. I was freakin loving it!!! I then said, "it's ok, it actually felt great"...with those last words out of my mouth, she then tells me " I’ve never done this before. But I would love to release the stress within you" <--- that’s as clean as I could write. So that started my dating of "Handy Mandy".
A few weeks went by and as I was dating a massage therapist, the benefits of being practiced on every day were amazing...And for free! I was invited to a party with a few friends and decided to bring "handy" with me. As we walked in I noticed she turned somewhat red and smiling. I then saw my friend had the same look on his face. A few drinks later, I approached my friend and asked what's so funny? He the replied "dude, I know her". Ohh, where did you meet? Did you date? Laughing was about all that could come out of his mouth. He finally, told me his story of going to the same massage parlor and receiving the "treatment" also. Damn! So I wasn't the only one!! I was later told about all the various places to go to meet other "relieving releases". This was somehow only a secret to me! I thought I was the "special one"...hahahhaahha, the joke's on me!
The Man

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