Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Day After Tomorrow

"Be mindful what you toss away, be careful what you push away, and think hard before walking away."
-Abigail Mull

One day you wake up and you're life is never the same. We've had a bunch of very vocal comments by some people who think they know who I am and think they know who JSR is. JSR could be a million different men. You, CF, like them were anonymous until you spoke up. But, that's the thing about being anonymous, we never really are. How can I be embarrassing your family by talking about my life when I have never said your name? This post, as were the others are merely words on a screen. Read them with caution. Perhaps, you are ashamed now by your poor judgment and clearly you assumed I thought all was well. Which is impossible to believe, being that I asked on multiple occasions for a more detailed answer. I'm not embarrassed by my words or actions. I'm beyond thrilled with the aftermath and I thank you and your family for your stupidity and for underestimating me. Karma really is a bitch.
Are we really in high school again? No one wants your jackass sewer rat husband. Oh, I'm sorry have I embarrassed you again? It's always wise to do a background check prior to saying, "I Do." You really never can be sure whom you are sleeping with or in your case growing old with.
Yes, I'm still anger, not because I wish I was Mrs. MF. Actually I'm more disturbed and motivated to continue writing about JSR now after reading the first of many comments from his camp. Besides the whole cowardly lion with a dead end career, living in the wasteland where all the best episodes of Cops are filmed, I know better than to marry a liar and cheater or for that matter a masochist. But, clearly you (wife) are the masochist in your marriage, since JSR was having a seven-month itch. Must be some really hot and steamy sex for him to seek out the "fun girl."
Whether you agree with my actions or comments it doesn't really matter. Maybe, now you have learned the hard way that the simple click of a button can have a profound effect on the lives of others. Of people, you will never know, yet who know so much about you. Had JSR or his wife been honest from the start and just answered my one and only question, this blog and ranting most likely would never have happened. But, at last I never did get the answer. Like I said before the past always has a way of blindsiding you and haunting your future until you make up for your past mistakes.
I have to wonder how certain familiar people came across this blog. I don't think you were surfing the Internet typing in random peoples names hoping to find a blog. Maybe, you think JSR is familiar to you. Maybe you have read things that shocked you or surprised you. Here is the thing, I don't know you and you don't know me. I've made assumptions about you and your life and I'm sure you have about me. Whether any are true or not doesn't matter. None of this matter, what is done is done.
Like I said before, I thank you and your lovely friends for commenting on this blog. I don't want to hurt people's feelings. That was never the intention of this blog. But, my feelings were hurt over and over by numerous people and these are my two cents. Like me, love me or hate me. No one is forcing you to read my words. That is your choice.
Perhaps this is the perfect time to change topics. I think I've said all I need to about JSR. But, I will say one more thing, thanks you so much for intertwining your private life into my public life. That was your decision. I never said JSR's name or his wife's. You did this and by voicing your opinion your lives will forever be public. But, then again what privacy rights do you expect to have when you make your private life public on social networking sites for anyone and everyone to see?
Nothing is as it seems and everything happens for a reason.
Sublime Happiness of a Guarded Heart