Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Do, Do I?

This whole As The World Turns saga got me thinking again about marriage and traditions. For some people the golden ticket, so to speaks, is the ring, the white dress, the fantasy wedding, the happily ever after fairytale. For others, this is a nightmare, a magic eight ball view into a life of predictable events. Everyone wants to feel loved and needed, for some a marriage license and an entry level European car are ego boosters and define success. These same people are the ones who feel the need to shout their love for one another via social networking sites instead of in the privacy of their homes. Perhaps they crave attention that they will probably never find in their average Joe jobs.
This isn't to say I'm completely against the old fashioned K-I-S-S-I-N-G (remember that cute little song) life. Some of my friends are truly happy with the family they have created and while they may not love their job the benefits of working for the man balance out the cons. While other married couples, lost their voice a long time ago and yet because they fear the unknown, they chose not to get divorced. Children sometimes take priority over the wants and desires of their parents, but at a certain point you can't let others run your life. It will kill you inside and maybe for some it seems like the right thing to do for the sake of the children’s well being, but coming from a family of verbal abuse, I honestly wish my parents had gotten divorced a long time ago. But, being single at sixty something is definitely not the same as being newly single at twenty or thirty something. In the end though who you are isn't defined by your status or the amount of material possessions you own. Maybe some people prefer not to conform to societies expectations and by making their own path in the world, others realize what they could have had if certain events had gone differently.

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