Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am throwing in a little
Me, being the constant thinker I am, has come up with a few scenarios..I have been putting much thought into the upcoming meet and greet.I am at this point undecided as to if I should remain anonymous.Below are a few twists I thought of with my twisted mind.

ONE: what if I reveal who I am, and due to the fact there are over 1,000 readers, someone realizes I was talking about them in one of my stories,then perhaps the drama begins once again.(I am not too worried about this one)

TWO: what if I happen to find someone attractive at the meet and greet.This may be either a really good thing or really bad thing.GOOD: they know more about me than I have told others in the past, and are willing to overlook my past.BAD: they may find me attractive as well but after reading my stories, think I am a jerk.

THREE: what if someone is going there just because of what I write..and somehow think they are the one's who could tame me..But have no real intentions except to say they were with me, for the possibly, to have me write about them.What if I meet someone, have a great time, possibly date. Am I at that point suppose to stop writing? Write about us? Who knows????
I have seen the guest list and WOW!! there are a few that peak my interest..but are they screwed up from a past boyfriend as well?

FOUR: I am actually JSR. I have been writing stories about my friend, borrowed his profile (so that SP & Kate don't know it's me)Or perhaps I am SP's old love interest she wrote about as well.Maybe my friend told me about a blog written by two females, and the stories they were writing about seemed to coincidental to not be me...So I made my move and began talking to one of the writers and BAM, I am now part of my own story.
I guess at times I have way too much free time to just let my mind wonder..
The reality of the matter is that I am just so tired of dating! At times I think that there is someone reading at this very moment saying " I sure wish I could show this guy I am different than all the rest"..I know I am not alone in my thoughts and evidently I have many things in common with the rest of the dating world..Either that or it's funny to read how people go on multiple dates, dislike their ex's, or are on the hunt for "the one".Who really knows the answers to these questions, but I know there is someone out there for all of us.
The Man

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  1. You couldn't be JSR. You can spell. LOL


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