Sunday, June 20, 2010

Casting Call

This is good. This is really good. Almost better than the time I had drinks with Queen Latifah, or met Bill Gates or sat next to Stephen King on the way back from Barcelona.
For the majority of you reading this blog we are just names on a screen. Unless we post a picture of ourselves you have no reference point. Thru our stories you may have subconsciously drawn up an image of what you think we look like and act like on the street.
When I read a story I always find it helps to have a visual aid. It makes the words on the page seem more meaningful and real. I invest my time in the characters and I find myself rooting for them or cursing their names. We could go into great descriptive detail as to the physical characteristics of all the "cast members" of the Love Bites saga, but I thought it would be easier if we just did a celebrity look alike show and tell.


Kate - Kate Bosworth or Kristen Dunst
Me - Lindsay Price (as Victory Ford in Lipstick Jungle) or Eva Mendes
Mrs. JSR - Rosie Perez with a dash of JLo
D - Roseanne


The Man - Ryan Phillippe with a dash of Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis
M (JSR) - Bradley Cooper
Mc Dreamy - Matt Damon
John - Christian Bale (in Batman not The Machinist)
Andy - Ed Burns
J - Blair Underwood

Think that covers all the current "cast members." Boy, we sure are an attractive mix. Hope this is a helpful and educational reference guide.

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