Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Agent Provocateur

I left work early yesterday and spent the afternoon in my version of Candyland, Bloomingdales. I've been on the hunt for a new wallet for months now. I hate the ones that are a walking billboard for the designer, with the monogram exterior design. Which pretty much sums up everything on the market.
So like I was saying I went into Bloomingdales with this one objective, a new wallet. Of course, I walked out with a fabulous pair of cherry red sunglasses (which I kind of had been looking for too, but I didn't need a new pair). And since I was in the candy shop, I figured I should tour the facilities and see what other sweets were available. Which then brought me to the intimates department (code for lingerie). I'm also very particular about my undergarments. I hate the padded, wired, frilly, girly bras. I'm more a Calvin Klein sports bra kind of gal. As simple as it comes. But, there was nothing and just as I'm about to leave I notice a separate corner with Agent Provocateur pieces. I've never been in one of their stores and I've never spent more that thirty dollars on a bra, but oh my god drop dead gorgeous and so sexy bras and matching briefs.
Take your minds out of the gutter boys. Yes, there was some topless action in the dressing room. Okay, let your imagination go wild. There was also another woman in the changing room the sales associate. Yea, that was a first for me too.
This super sweet twenty something woman wearing the brands uniform of what looks like a sexed up flight attendants uniform an all black, short sleeve button up dress. But, what stood out the most was her gothic eye makeup. Dark blue and black eyeliner and a dramatic extended crescent design. It actually looked very sexy on her, slightly kinky if I went that way. (Which I don't) So, like I was saying the sales associate was incredibly helpful and while I don't really have a need for more lingerie, I walked out with four different matching bra and brief sets.
So back to the wallet search. I literally looked at each wallet by every designer. Nothing that I loved and then I found it. Simple, small, solid light gray, no designer branding.
On my way out for dinner with a girlfriend last night, I moved the contents of my wallet into the new one. To discover that it's a bull shit wallet. I had two bills in it and one card in each slot and the freaking Italian leather accessory wouldn't snap shut. So, back to square one on the hunt for a new wallet.
Sorry, if this was a bore to read. Life is pretty normal these days, no drama or excitement. Yes, I know if this is my biggest issue, then I'm a very lucky woman.

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