Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Trimester

So, here we are embarking on month three of the Love Bites blog. It's been an interesting couple months to say the least. If today is any indication of what the next month will be like, it's going to be a busy one. For anyone who has missed the last day on this blog, lots of juicy gossip has unfolded. We briefly had a new voice, someone who wants to take claim to JSR. And so the amusing back and forth comments about JSR have been the topic of discussion for a few familiar voices. I couldn't have paid for better advertising, so thanks guys for all the comments.
I do agree that perhaps the whole JSR topic has been talked about in excess. But, here's the thing this is our blog and if you don't like our words than don't read our posts. Most people are to afraid to speak up and confront their fears, so until you have lived our lives and put yourself out there in the public eye for people to judge, maybe you should type with caution.
Words might be nothing more than letters on a computer, but for some they are much more, they are a newfound voice and a chance at a new life with new dreams.
I don't know how this story ends. That's the beauty and curse of the unknown. Live everyday like it is your last. Make peace with the past and learn from your mistakes. People have feelings and while it may seem easier to pick and choice your battles, remember there are always more bumps ahead in the road of life.
JSR is dead and gone. Has been for a long time. Life goes on, people change, and whether you agree with Kate's actions doesn't matter. Perhaps when we guard our heart and the people we let into our inner circle there are less comical stories and more tales of the brutal truth. This was her decision to go public and this story is the story of so many other women out there. No amount of bitter words or anger will change what we are writing. It is what it is.
Have a great night everyone.

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