Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Looks like JSR and company are all talk. Being blindsided hurts, but it is how one deals with the pain that shows a person's true colors. Clearly no apology or true answer will ever come and at this point does it really matter? In a brief moment they have shown us just how dysfunctional and childish they really are. They really do make the perfect couple. It's a shame that decent people were hurt in the wake of their previous actions. But, that's the thing about not being in control of a situation anymore. You have no power over the person or their current actions. All this could have been avoided. All that was ever asked for was a simple answer to a simple question. No negative words can break a guarded heart.
I will say this again; this blog was started because I was in pain after being blindsided by the Big Bad Wolf (formerly my husband). While my entries over the last month have been more on a happier note, I protect my friends and treat them as family. People deal with betrayal and pain in different ways and it takes some longer than others to bounce back. Kate maybe going on and on about a person that was dead and gone along time ago. But, life does go on and at what point she decides to talk about her daily life is up to her. This was never meant to be about picking sides. No one wants JSR. That has been made clear from the start. Whether the few people who made comments over the last couple days, want to take ownership of JSR. That is up to you. He could be anyone. If you chose to speak your mind, I would ask that you do it appropriately and answer the questions. By going on a rant about nothing in particular doesn't help you, but it sure does make for amusing reading. I bet you that JSR is overjoyed with all the attention towards him and because of that we will be putting JSR in the graveyard for now. There are far more amusing topics to discuss.
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather. Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I completely for JSR having a Golden Dick...I disagree, he seems like he has a golden p@$$y...letting his wife fight his battles... He absolutely loves the attention....let's move on, this blog should not take a negative turn.


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