Monday, June 28, 2010

Golden Girls

A gentleman exudes confidence in everything he does, but never arrogance. A gentleman respects those below him as much as he does those above him. A gentleman understands that chivalry has not died, but been forgotten and is driven to bring it back into the light. A gentleman understands a woman's desires and strives to achieve them all. A gentleman understands you get back what you send out, and only sends out the best. A gentleman values intelligence, a gentleman values morals, a gentleman values quality, a gentleman values love, a gentleman values his enemies as much as his friends, a gentleman values life and it's many splendors.
The twenty million dollar question is, where are all the gentlemen?

Didn't intend to post anything today, but then I can't predict what will happen five minutes from now, so I probably shouldn't guarantee anything.
Sonoma gal is alive. I was starting to think she locked herself in the wine cellar and was drinking herself silly. Then this morning I got confirmation that she is very much alive and hasn't lost her sarcastic spunk in spite of the emotional roller coaster that is now reality.
There is something to be said for being the advisor for years and then one day being the one asking for advice and words of wisdom. The band of brothers (or in this case band of sisters) truly is the front line against all the JSRs in the world. When you hurt one of us, you become the number one enemy for us all.

Sonoma Gal aka V "Hey! I've been adrift the last few days and have dropped all my communication with everyone to regain my balance. No phone, Internet. Just me. It has been rather liberating and painful in the same breath. Just got to read the blog and I am so excited for you! Have a blast at your bash, it will be a fantastic success and I'll be at the next one. I promise. I also was able to read the entry about us and was genuinely touched. Memories came flooding back like I was twenty-one again. It was my honor to read about us and remember what true friends that we have been over the span of years and years. It seems there is something fantastic to be said about friendship that requires nothing more than listening and on occasion being able to tell each other the much needed truth. I'm glad to have you in my life. Now start singing The Golden Girls theme song..."Thank you for being' a friend, traveled down the road and back again, my heart is true - your a friend and a confidant!" - Ha-ha! I had to have a laugh at my own sappy sake!!! I may have been knocked down but I am not out!!! I will never let any man break me and neither will you. You've reminded me that having a sense of humor about these things is helpful. Give 'em hell in Miami and make some memories for that book!!! Always, V."

Me "She's alive!! J was about ready to go on a treasure hunt for you. It will get better in time. Everything happens for a reason. You made me cry and how often does that happen. You bet ya I'm going to kick some ass. I'm wicked excited for the little bash and I expect you to be the ringleader of the next one. With Love, Kate."

Have a fabulous day everyone and yes I've got some painfully gorgeous heels on. (Manolos to be exact)

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