Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dude, What's Your Answer?

What we write on here is the truth. If it weren't I doubt there would be all this interest, drama and backlash. Whether you agree with my version of the story is up to you, but up until now you have decided to stay silence. Clearly my words have hit a nerve with some of you.
I'm not embarrassed that I had an affair; if I were I wouldn't have talked about it. It was a lapse in judgment just as many of the tattoos I got as an adolescent. But remember it takes two people to have an affair.
Perhaps my words are now unraveling your made-up story and exposing your lies. If you didn't give a shit about what we were writing on here then you wouldn't be taking the time to reply to what you consider a fictional tale.
I think The Man was spot on last week when he said that the wife was threatened by little old me and that JSR was terrified to confront the true. How old a person is doesn't define who they are. It is what you have accomplished and how you act that shows a persons true age. Perhaps the fact that I am successful and am significantly younger terrified you. Why that is I'm not sure. My goals in life and opinions on what is right and wrong are clearly different.
I take responsibility for my mistakes and I expect the same in return from my acquaintances, friends and family.
Sublime Happiness of a Guarded Heart

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