Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roasting of JSR and Company

WOW!!! All this drama has got me worked up a bit... you wanted a mans side? Well here's what I think. He must have a huge C**k and knows how to lay the pipe down pretty good! This dude has game! He has twisted your mind in thinking his words and magic stick cannot be topped. The truth of the matter is, he's normal, married now with children and I'm sure the crazy drunken sex is no longer the same.

This is what I've pictured today:
After all the drama and words exchanged back and forth, I would buy an above ground pool, fill it with Jell-O & rum and you two can have at it. As you put on the white tank tops and jump into the pleasure pool, your bodies are met with red Jell-O that soaks your tops making your nipples aroused. You look around to see the readers of the blog, and notice mostly only men and a few women watching. You then grab each other’s arms and begin the battle. Your hair dripping with Jell-O & start getting a buzz as you both try drowning each other.... the tops are ripped off as the crowd screams... you then both look at each other in a way only two lovers would, as to share some sort of make-up kiss...although this kiss has been long in the waiting. Between the passion and the Jell-O, your bodies become one in a furious both at the point of climax.... when you both scream ... J S R!!!!!!!
Sorry I just had to try to get both your minds off the craziness of what's going on...

The Man


  1. Good morning Love Bites, you know this started as an intrusion of somekind but now it has become truly entertaining. The Man you truly are refreshing view and boy did you get right. Let's let your small audience for now know that you got it right when it comes to mens views. I love the idea of the whole jello pool. It sounds like fun, to fight MV nah just to enjoy, it might my arouse my husband (JK) I have never fought a woman over a man before because there are too many men out there and I've had my share, so even if it doesn't work out with JSR (which it is) I know I will find someone else. As for the present relationship I'm in, its a good one, fun, loving yeah probably worth having answered this melodramatic blog, its actually hotter now. YOU GET ME MAN! Now that all the dust has settled and I don't care what is said regarding JSR anymore because it no longer includes me, as long and my son, daughter are not involved in this trash toss are posted this could be fun. Man, you couldn't be closer to the truth. This guy is a work all the time-drink and screw all the time guy. .... And so what. He broke heart, screwed til his eyes where crossed, had dysfunctional relationship of all sizes had no one to answer to, no kids no commitments. SO WHAT? If he broke some hearts so has everyone. We've all done it, we've all had it done to us, SO WHAT? If you can't get through it get help. When I visited his apt in 2007 the first time to watch a movie, I kid you not I found unopened
    dozen of condoms in every corner, tabletop in his car everywhere and SO WHAT? I could have stayed or never come back. Instead I'm happily married to him.... Man, I will leave you with this thought, is truly his C**k that huge or is it me (mine) lol ? Because for being 14 years older than MV which that would have made MV a minor in 2000 when they met, he give me that ring in 5 months after we started dating after 14 years of bachelorhood. So I leave you with this thought! Have a great day everyone... And thank you for invogorating even my good, good life!

  2. It is refreshing to read a mans point of view. It was until last night that I got hooked on the entire story. I decided to go back to the beginning and went over most of the blogs. At the beginning I started to feel like the person she was talking about was me, I was able to relate but as I kept reading I found out that she must have some serious problems. I am starting to think that JSR must have a Gold D… too. As a woman, my parents told me I needed to respect my self and have others respect me as well. We all need to understand that there are 2 sides to each story; we have only heard her story. The wife story is different, I can completely understand why she is acting the why she has. Not only she finds out that her mans story is all public but then MV or Katie whatever your name is, is writing about her age and kids. I would do the same. As you keep reading her blogs, she sound obsesses, yes obsess. Ok you have met his family “via internet” WOW that is such a big thing. By getting gifts, hello FRIENDS buy gifts to other friends. My girlfriends buy me gifts that mean they love me other than loving me as a friend?. Thank god I make it clear I am not a l….., and for my male friends I am not a S….  I am sure JSR friends have met his family “in real life” and have gotten gifts too and guest what, is just that. We waste out time thinking about the little things making them so big for no reason. So while he is single been a man, who we all know think with their little brain not the main one you while marry think about him. He is the person you first call. So, what that makes you? We all know that whatever happens to us in life is our responsibility; we get hurt if we allow it. I am speaking from experience and from the experience that I have allowed my self to get hurt MANY times. But I have moved on. I really like the Blog, but I think the JSR story should be drop, move on write about something else. MV looks like she has great talent. As you say “The MAN” people grow, he is married as a life with a kid. Respect his privacy and the privacy of his family. Get your self a new Gold D… I am sure there are more out there.


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