Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lion's Den

Let's go back to the very beginning. To the reason for all this drama in the first place. One of our lovely followers posted this comment and well words sometimes say it all:

"Wow. This blog has a better plot line, and is far more entertaining then the recently released Sex and the City 2!! I have been following along here for the past month, and now find myself quite confused! Is "anonymous" actually staking claim to the infamous JSR? Is she the perfect little wife? Doesn't seem too perfect to me! Why else would JSR seek out MV (Kate?) after four years? And again, why introduce her to this so-called perfect family? Then...more cowardly than that Wizard of Oz lion. Disconnect totally from MV via the Internet. Was that due to JSR's own guilt, or because the perfect little wife from the perfect little family insisted on it? Seems to me that there are some serious trust issues between JSR and perfect wife. Why else would a friendship end so abruptly with no explanation or apology?
I also find it ironic that the anonymous posts mention embarrassment, yet in my opinion, she causes her own embarrassment by acknowledging her part in all of this. MV could have been writing about any JSR in any tropical paradise. Lord knows all us gals have a JSR lurking somewhere in a past life. I say MV keep on blogging baby.... "

So Mr. & Mrs. JSR, I hope your well. Have a fabulous life. Thanks so much for the soap opera drama. It has been quite entertaining. I can only hope that you and your husband have learned to act your age and not like cowardly teenagers. Confront your fears and let people know the truth, even if it hurts. The silence and the unanswered questions can do a number on a person's mind and heart. But, at last there will probably never be a confrontation, which perhaps will be for the best, there are no words left to say. I hope one day you will understand why? I have come to my own conclusions. It never had to come to this. Private conversations could have been had, but were apparently unnecessary.
Have a good one.
Sublime Happiness of a Guarded Heart


  1. Not perfect all, you gave the label no one asked for it... its all part of your fictional writing skills. Embarassing no, not at all. Not any more embarssing to be you. I pissed you off enough to get you to confessed who you were... thats all i needed that rest has been fun...That why I did it.

    You need to return to your bipolar world and write that book. Have a good life with whomever wins you next.

  2. Love Bites... You are a fabulous writer, let me know when the book is available....I truly hope this is a lll helping you to get rid of those ghosts that have been haunting you...above all don't stop writing...As an artist, it's good to piss people off sometimes...

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment Devil's Advocate. Looks like I pissed JSR off enough to get him to come out. To bad he is a coward and typing a rant anonymous. I have been out in the public eye for a long time. I don't have anything to hide. I have only been nice and what did I get for my kindness, a kick in the ass without a goodbye or explanation. All I wanted was the answer to why? I would have understood then. But, it's too late now for minor bullshit answers. Perhaps now you know what it feels like to not be in control of a situation. You are more than welcome to continue reading, but I will not be responding to your childish comments anymore. Have a great life!


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