Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reality Check

"Every betrayal contains a perfect moment, a coin stamped heads or tails with salvation on the other side." ~ Barbara Kingsolver

It would appear, cross your fingers, that the ghosts have finally returned to the cemetery. Kate got the final word, but really does anyone understand anything the wife was saying? There were a lot of words on the screen all going in a circle around the one and only question, which has yet to be and clearly never will be answered. Then again how can we ever expect to get a truthful response from someone who isn't living in the real world and who is so afraid to deal with the truth or apologize? It's unfortunate that certain people feel they are superior when in reality they are far from being somebody noteworthy. It's interesting how only after being blindsided and hurt themselves did JSR and company finally decide to speak up. They don't care about others feelings, just their own and they think that their criticism and hatred words will bruise innocent by standers. Perhaps in the past their assumptions were true, but unfortunately for them the more Looney their comments the more laughs we have these days.
Over the last week, we have witnessed and participated in a boxing ring of words. One of the reasons we write is because we hope that our words touch you and in some cases hit a nerve. If our words meant nothing to you and you couldn't connect with our thoughts, then we aren't doing a good job.
Perhaps, it's fitting that JSR was given a big kick in the ass on the way to the morgue, by not only the Love Bites gang, but strangers as well. Thanks guys! At least now all our readers got to see just how nuts the real JSR and his family are.
Some people get married for the cache of saying "my husband, my wife" and for some the romantic idea of growing old together is the jackpot in life. I think at one point or another everyone believes in the fairytale, prince charming, and Cinderella story. But, overtime this fantasy and what it represents are not always ideal goals. Yes, everyone has different goals in their lives. Some people want nothing more than a partner to grow old with, 2.5 kids, to be a homeowner and have the luxury to purchase a few expensive toys. For others thou, the world has so much more to offer, it just depends how hard you are willing to work to make your dreams come true. Not everyone will agree with your actions or words, but if they really cared about you they would understand.
This last week has been interesting to say the least. How people interact with one another and with problems speaks volume to their intelligence and credibility.
You might be wondering why Kate doesn't talk so much about the divorce. But, really there isn't much to say. There was no bitter feud. The relationship between Kate and her ex John is a super friendly one. While they no longer live together and only occasionally see one another, they are still great friends. It was Kate who decided to end the personal relationship not John. Rather, the fact that the magic eight ball life picture just wasn't what she saw in her future. As we move into a new week, there will be new stories about new people.
Hope everyone is enjoying the fabulous summer weather!

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