Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mind Games

I have just come to the conclusion that the ones that say, "I am tired of all the games" must be the pros of the games. Last night as I was making dinner, I decided to open a bottle of wine (yea, I know kind of gay for a guy to drink it alone) and realized it packed a different kind of buzz than normal. I was as happy as the lesbo gym teacher watching the girl’s shower.
As I wrote a few weeks ago about "the one", I thought once again about her. I was a little tipsy and when she texted me again, I told her exactly what was on my mind. This time I was a different man, one who has perfected the art of BS-ing. She began to tell me how I fell for her through her words and how she could have me in the palm of her hand again...HA!!! I'm no sucker! She really had no idea I actually liked her in a way very different to me. I am not one to fall for someone that easily. I guess she had said everything I ever wanted to hear (but only from the right person). Or I thought, maybe I was getting soft from writing on this blog and the "softer side" was coming out in me...either way, the game was on!
The buzz and thoughts were racing as I said screw it! I texted:" You're funny, you may have had me once...but honey, there was only one train headed that way and now you're not on it. You had a ticket, but I cancelled your reservations and now I will pencil you in.only the one's worth it get inked!" BEEP...two seconds later, I get: "WOW that's what I love. I am up to the challenge. Show me what you got!!" Hahahaaa, now it's my turn to throw my bait. Me: "There's not too much I haven’t done, what makes you think you could maintain my attention? Her: "You're dying to try something you've never had" Me:" this may be true, but my interest has lessened and I'm sure after I had you once, I may tire of you" Hahahahaha, I was laughing so hard, but worried I may have said too much...Nope, This chick loved it!! Her:" I have something that has kept you interested to this point, with only my words, what makes you think that when I give you more, you wont fall for me again" Me:" Well, your practiced words had fooled me in the beginning, but I’m not sure your actions could be anything different from most of my past. If you thing you're up for a challenge, lets see what you got!" Her:" you might be surprised" Me:" good to know. If I have time, I will keep you in mind. Have a great night, I'm headed to bed" Her: " please call me tomorrow, and I'm free this weekend".... WHAT JUST HAPPENED?????? What is wrong with this picture? What do you women really want? I am genuine with everything I usually say and I do not say many things unless I truly think it is right. Do you really like these types of games? Now I need to plan my next move in this crazy game. Do I turn her down when she wants to go out? Do I make sexual moves on her? Do I turn the respect factor of and turn into the "fun" girl??? Am I to pretend I don't want her as badly as I actually do?
Why is it that we look for so long for "the one" that when we find her/him (not him in my case) we turn to mush? It is normal to do more than we would normally do to try to make things perfect? When in fact nothing is perfect! There may never truly be "the one". It will just have to be someone who is perfect to us. They have faults, imperfections, and possibly a troubled past as we had. I am now at a point to "act" differently than I did at the beginning. I will now be as I would with someone I didn't have too much interest in, but will this backfire? When should I soften up? It's a give and take.... I guess only time will tell.
Any advice????
The Man

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