Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adventures with Sonoma Gal

"People who treat other people as less than human must not be surprised when the bread they have cast on the waters comes floating back to them, poisoned." ~ James Baldwin

The moment you let go of the pain, the worrying and wondering of the unknown, is when you get sucker punched again. But, this time you don't fall to the ground or run away, you fight back.
Another JSR has been added to the dartboard and Love Bites hall of shame and I'm hoping V (aka Sonoma gal) is going to follow our serendipitous writing vibe and become the fourth writer. Let's see what The Man has to say about this one. Not that he really gets a vote. (Sorry, ladies first)
Crossing my fingers and clicking my sparkly gold Jimmy Choos that Sonoma gal will finally get her butt to the sunshine state. It would be the best belated birthday present ever. You don't really have a choice, J is going to ambush you at the vineyard and be your chaperone. :) You must come V, what fun is a party without you.
I was trying to remember the last time I saw you and could it really be almost seven years ago. My first and last game of beer pong, in the back of a sports bar somewhere in New York City. I was living in Florida at the time and I flew up for a long weekend. You were working at that exquisite new "it" place. Yet, it feels like you have been right by my side all these years. Listening to me bitch about M and giving me words of wisdom.
I've had some of my best memories with you. The day you turned twenty-one and bought four bottles of wine and we then processed to drink three of the four bottles that night and twenty four hours later I was still drunk. Which was rather amusing since I then had my job interview at the fs the next morning and as we were driving into the city I hit the car in front of me in the bumper to bumper traffic. Thankfully with no damage, at least not that time, there would be many more attempts to destroy that car in the years to come; by like me it was stubborn. After which, we went for dinner at No 9 and being that you were legal and all we drank some more. I can't remember where we slept that night.
Or there was the trip for the follow up interview (I got the job anyways) that resulted in us getting lost for three hours trying to find Blue Ginger. Another classic moment from the adventures of Sonoma gal and Kate.
The most memorable of note thou is the insanely hilarious email thread between you and J. Waking up and checking my mail to see over a dozen back and forth comments between you two insomniacs about everything and anything. How a conversation that started about bacon and fois gras ended with a discussion about how many pillows do you have on your bed. Good times. Just as wise and patience with advice on M and at the same time brutally honest enough for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
With Love,

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