Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And The Heart Says, Whatever!

Have you ever gotten to the point where unintelligent people are no longer just annoying, but completely brain dead so much so that you become so worked up and pissed off for no real reason? Simply because they aren't talking on the same intelligence level as you and are so ignorant to their mistakes and mishandling of situations that they don't understand why you are so angry in the first place and instead create their own version of the truth in which they suddenly are the innocent party. If I had something to hide do you really think I would be writing a blog? I'm really good at playing the naive little girl, but to be honest it's an act. I'm a calculated businesswoman. Nothing happens by accident.
I have a short temper, I bore easily and I have very little patience for stupid people. Oh and I'm not looking to make any friends on this blog, so I don't care if I have hurt your feelings. If you are looking for a happily ever after, bull shit, sugar coated, Martha Stewart perfect family blog, this isn't it!
I'm not writing in hopes of becoming your friend. I don't need any more friends, especially not superficial, dizzy, ignorant souls. Why are people so intent on peeing on the fun parade? Lord knows there are at least ten million blogs written by people with cookie cutter families who don a monkey leash (aka "husband"). Go read one of those blogs, Anonymous. Leave the fun parade (which, come to think of it, might include some peeing and a few leashes) to those of us who love to bitch.
There should be a warning label when I accept you as a friend. I can be the sweetest, most caring, shoulder to cry on, with the best birthday presents friend, but the minute you piss me off I'll make sure you never ever forget my name. I will go out of my way to put you back into the corner you came from. I can tolerant ignorant people's bitching to a certain point, but when you cross the line and continue to make up stories and never accept responsibility for your actions then I am left with no alternative, which in my case is a public forum. I'm just looking to have some fun at your expense, to have you walking on pins and needles and in the end all I want is an apology. That's all. A simple "I'm sorry." I don't need an explanation for your slandering remarks or cold shoulder or cowardly actions. That's no longer important, all I want to hear is "I'm Sorry." Until that day, which most likely will never happen, you are going to wish you never pissed me off or for that matter ever knew me.
I don't care if I was the "fun girl." I like having fun; I don't want baggage, after all that's the allure isn't it? The freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want. That's the life I have and if it includes cheesy lines like "painfully, gorgeous heels" so be it. Then again, if I was just the "fun girl" why would you want to be my friend again since you are married and all? If it was strictly for the beaver then why go out of your way to find me again? By the way, how's that adult friend finder working for you?
I'm not here to please you and clearly you never knew me at all, because if you did you would have known that I'm stubborn and the last thing you want is to become my enemy.
Have a sublime night guys!

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