Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello Fabulous

It seems like the last few blogs have been on the serious side so I thought we could all use a laugh or two or at the very least a glimpse of hope in a sea of sorrow.
As you may have noticed I took my name off the blog. I'm not trying to be anonymous, but I also don't want to be as easily found. Anyone who has been reading our blog up until now knows who I am and knows how to reach me. If you have just stumbled upon our blog, does it really matter what my name is? If you ask me I'll tell you it, but for now it's SP.
I'm a bit obsessed these days with getting Love Bites on the blogs of note. A bit premature I suppose, it hasn't even been three months, and some blogs have been up for years. There doesn't seem to be a concrete means of getting the blogger team to notice one particular blog over another. I've discovered a few really funny and interesting blogs thru this feature and it seems like after becoming a blog of note your site goes gangbusters.
McDreamy is flying in tonight and staying for a long weekend. We talk on the phone almost everyday and in the back of my mind I wonder, is he the real deal? Could he be "the one"? But, whom am I kidding; there is no such thing as "the one." No one is perfect. In fact it seems like the people who appear to be Martha Stewart perfect are in fact the least normal or functional. I’m well aware I'm far from perfect; I've got lots of emotional baggage. But, I try really hard to forget about the pain one person caused me and instead focus on the potential happiness and pleasure I enjoy in the company of my current crush at the moment.
Being the gentleman and all, McDreamy is staying at a hotel. It sounds like he has some lavish surprise weekend planned out and no matter how many Crumbs cupcakes I attempt to bribe him with, he continues to take the fifth.
I've been organizing and re organizing and cleaning. You would be amazed at how quickly my new pad has become a mess. It was starting to look more like a bachelor's lounge than a sophisticated bachelorette's.
McDreamy's plane landed at JFK about half an hour ago, which is a good thing because I've spent the last two hours trying on everything, literally every piece of clothing I own and finally just as I was about to give up (because of course all of a sudden I hate every dress, shoe, blouse and skirt I own) I remember that right before I left Miami I bought this gorgeous royal blue strapless dress with a white skirt and thin black belt, paired with black open toe kitten heels and my favorite black leather jacket. I'm taking him out for dinner tonight. One last look in the mirror. Is it normal to be this nervous? Why am I so nervous? It feels like there is a lot of pressure riding on this weekend. If it doesn't go perfectly, it's over. Probably not the last thought I should have in my mind before I greet him. Wish me luck.

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