Monday, June 14, 2010

Life Goes On

As I mentally prepare to return to a past that no longer exists and a present that will never be the same, I am faced with mixed emotions. Yesterday I was really excited about coming back, but today I've got butterflies. I wish I knew why. There is the obvious, but the thing is recently when I think about the memories of JSR, they are now few and far between. The memories of a once happy friendship have now been replaced with tremendous hatred and a mental detachment, as if he is a stranger again. Which I'm starting to think is a really good thing. That finally I've come to terms with the past and the memories that had been replaying on autopilot for the last year have been erased and the blank canvas from which I started anew is now being carefully drawn on.
I left not to long ago alone and sad and now I will be returning with a small army of friends and a fresh outlook. I'm super excited to hang out with the Love Bites gang and groupies. I don't know what to expect, but then again I never expected to be writing a blog or a book so at this point nothing could surprise me, not even seeing JSR and company. That's the beauty of burying the sewer rats, they no longer exist, and there is no emotional attachment, no feeling at all, just an empty soul walking down the street. Because, if they had a heart to begin with they never would have broken yours.
The mystery of the illusion is often what inspires a masked persona. The Man will be mingling at the Love Bites bash. But, he's still not sure if he wants to reveal his true identity. Perhaps after a few beers he will change his mind. It's looking like the ladies will be in the majority and the first two rounds are on us. So come early, stay until close and bring your friends. Hope to see you there.
Kate Harper

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